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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
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I am passionate about using separation and divorce, one of my own most difficult personal experiences, to create positive personal growth by embracing the discomfort and learning from it. I have been guiding, motivating and supporting people during their separation and divorce journeys since 2015! You are not alone – I can help you find your best path through your own divorce and thrive moving forward.

Build YOUR perfect life…even though you aren’t sure what that looks like yet…without the baggage of your divorce holding you back.
Services I Offer
1:1 International Coaching: 

Much of separation and divorce is difficult to manage. My coaching can help you manage better & face the overwhelming aspects of your situation with more grace and ease. Invest in yourself!

Coaching Packages:
  1. UNDECIDED? Should I or shouldn’t I get a divorce?
  2. UNWILLING? How do I handle something I never asked for?
  3. PREPARING? How do I prepare for a divorce?
  4. PROCEEDING? How do I proceed with the business of divorce?
  5. REBUILDING? How do I thrive after a divorce? What can I do now to move forward with confidence?

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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®. 

A graduate of HealthCoachTraining® Program.

BSc Honours Biology from Queen’s University.

Background Experience

As a Divorce Coach, Pam leverages her vast and varied work experience to help people navigate their own separation and divorce journey. Pam has experience; as a university instructor, a medical researcher, a biologist (literally she worked with ‘the birds and bees’), a corporate trainer, a professional organizer, a financial administrator and a health & wellness coach. All of this experience comes together and contributes to a well-rounded knowledge and understanding of how to help you manage your separation and divorce with more grace and ease.


“After driving halfway across the US to begin the separation from my husband, I was in the most difficult of places.  Knowing I needed help, but knowing a traditional therapist couldn’t continue on with me once I headed back home, I happened to stumble on Pam’s blog.  After reading much of her writings, I knew I had to work with her, and I will never be more grateful that I did.  With tremendous help on her part and a lot of work on my part, I am at such a place of peace and acceptance that I could not have even dreamed possible when we started talking.  I would highly recommend her coaching services as they certainly changed my life!” – C.B. Texas

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I offer 30-minute strategy session @ $20.  We will examine your current situation and look at the possibilities that are open to you. When you fill out the above form you will be taken to my calendar where you can pick a date and time that will work for you. Please give yourself the help you need when you need it – it is a true gift!