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Your emotional well-being is my greatest concern.  As your Divorce Doula, CDC, I’ll walk beside you throughout this process with loads of empowerment and even some humor. I’ll help you get organized, deflect stress, build new, healing rituals and routines, and even save money on attorney fees. Not only will I help maintain your sanity, but I will enable you to be more clear-minded to make the best decisions for moving onward and upward. With my support, you will emerge from the flames as your brightest, calmest, and most empowered self.

Services I Offer
  • Empower you with a liberating perspective of personal power
  • Goal-oriented motivation through the minefield of divorce and beyond
  • Emotional support with objectivity and heart
  • Compassionate, judgment-free listening with understanding & empathy
  • Coping skills and tools with healing, healthy habits
  • De-escalation to douse the flames of highly-charged situations
  • Engagement guidance and written editorial review
  • Documentation organization support
  • Savvy, sanity-saving strategies to deal with high-conflict spouses
  • Access to Divorce Doula Den, empowering tools via the Bloom Boldly app

CDC Certified Divorce Coach®,

Background Experience

Piper Brinkley is a lifelong health, wellness, and happiness advocate. She is a mother of one son and a survivor of an abusive marriage/divorce. She is an author, a health and wellness coach, and the creator of a self-care program/app to empower women to become allies with their bodies and live their best lives. It is her mission to provide you with flexible, goal-oriented support and guidance to motivate and empower you through the labor of divorce. It is her goal to see you rise from the ashes victoriously and in full recognition of your own personal power!


“Piper was skilled, receptive in her approach, and excited for me to grow and heal. Her feedback was targeted and precise. She let me unfold the session naturally and prompted me with helpful questions to provoke deeper reflection at times. Her enthusiasm for my healing on this journey was palpable, coupled with her awareness of the complexity of this kind of journey, which was helpful to frame the process and normalize my feelings. Thank you, Piper!”

Julia J.


“Piper has a really special way of connecting with client, redirecting, getting to the point, makes great suggestions while honoring client autonomy.”

Suzanne G.

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