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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, J.D., Certified Collaborative Divorce Professional, Mediator
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Divorce is never easy. Divorce is stressful, unpleasant, and expensive, even when you and your spouse are amicable; and when you are not, the stress, expense, and unpleasantness is magnified. The decisions you make throughout the process will have lifelong consequences. Making the right decisions for you and your family from the beginning will save you time, money, and headaches down the road.

When marriages fall apart one of the biggest worries we have is will our kids be okay. I am here to reassure you, divorce does not harm kids-conflict does. I help women or men whose world has been turned upside down by divorce realize they are not alone, ditch the drama, and co-parent peacefully. De-escalating conflict and effective communication are key to a positive divorce and healthy co-parenting relationship.  

Instead of feeling Stressed, Anxious, Depleted & Fearful, Imagine feeling Confident, Calm & Replenished.

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Collaborative Divorce Professional

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As a family law attorney for over 20 years, I witnessed first hand the emotional and financial devastation a divorce can reap upon a family. Believing that every person experiencing divorce should have access to a personal confidant to help guide and support them through the challenges of separation and divorce, I decided to pursue a formal divorce coaching certification. I am also a Certified Collaborative Divorce Professional and a Mediator.



At a recent family event, there was no animosity or harsh exchanges from anyone – something that I did not think could have happened before using Sharri’s services. Since that time, my ex and I have been able to work through disentangling some real estate issues that we couldn’t resolve in four mediations prior to the divorce.

Josh (dad to 2 boys)

A year ago I did not know that divorce coaches existed. Now I see them as an integral part of moving forward through and from a divorce in a healthy way. Sharri was very much part of me wrapping my head around what was happening to me. She bridged a missing gap between a lawyer and a therapist during this traumatic time. -J.H.

I wish I had found Sharri right when I started the divorce process. She is so good at helping me gain perspective, set goals, manage co-parenting and communication with my STBX. She really got me through the last few months of financial negotiation when I was ready to throw in the towel. -C.M. mom to 3.

I am grateful I contacted Sharri who went above and beyond to provide help during my divorce. She helped guide me and prevented headaches that could have surmounted in the future. Sharri shared excellent resources and got back to me immediately. I highly recommend you set up a call with Sharri, I am glad I did.  -Veronica Z.


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