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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, J.D., Trauma Informed Women's Empowerment Coach,
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 I am Sharri Freedman, your relationship, divorce, and women’s empowerment coach. I believe that true happiness comes from within, not from someone or something outside of us. My three decades as a divorce attorney, coupled with my background in neuroscience & spirituality, allows me to guide and empower my clients to make clear, heart centered decisions so they can live a fulfilling life without regret and redefine their happily ever after. 

As an attorney it was my job to educate, advise and fiercely advocate for my clients. I successfully litigated contentious custody and child support cases, as well as cases involving complex property and alimony issues. When settlement was possible, I helped clients resolve their dispute out of court. But even when there was a “win”, no one really won.

Time and time again I witnessed the emotional and financial devastation a divorce can reap upon a family. Resentment, frustration, bitterness, and fear lingered, and sometimes festered, long after the legal divorce ended. More often than not, the legal system could not address personal family conflicts, leaving clients feeling more frustrated, hopeless and alone. 

I believe that coaching is the missing piece. It is the answer to thriving rather than merely surviving. I provide the tools, practices, and support so you can achieve peace of mind, joy, confidence, and ease, regardless of what is happening around you.  We will uncover the root of your overwhelm, uncertainty, and fear and begin to build the belief system necessary to become the woman you desire to be and live a life beyond your wildest dreams.  

Together I will help you Do Divorce Differently & Redefine Your Happily Ever After!



Collaborative Divorce Professional
High Conflict Coaching
Trauma Informed Mindset Coach

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Washington College of Law, JD 1993-I have been a family law practitioner for my entire career.

Certified Divorce Coach 2018


Collaboratice Divorce Professioal

Certified Mind Magic Master Practitioner 2022

Pre-Mediation Divorce Coach Certification

High Conflict Coach Training



Since working with Sharri I’m happier. I’m incorporating so much positivity in my life. I’m meditating. I’m more at peace. This is the best gift you could ever give yourself. I cannot recommend it enough. Julie G.-Entrepreneur and Mom of 3

“I’ve been working with Sharri for awhile now and I feel like I am finally enjoying life again. I can see a future, and it’s amazing.” I.S., teacher & mom of 2.

Sharri helped me recognize the connection between my mind and my body. I was creating drama and chaos in my new life because that’s what I was used to in my old one and it felt familiar. I am learning to rebuild my life from the inside out and am beginning to love and trust myself again. -C.R.-scientist, mom of 3.

At a recent family event, there was no animosity or harsh exchanges from anyone – something that I did not think could have happened before using Sharri’s services. Since that time, my ex and I have been able to work through disentangling some real estate issues that we couldn’t resolve in four mediations prior to the divorce.

Josh (dad to 2 boys)

A year ago I did not know that divorce coaches existed. Now I see them as an integral part of moving forward through and from a divorce in a healthy way. Sharri was very much part of me wrapping my head around what was happening to me. She bridged a missing gap between a lawyer and a therapist during this traumatic time. -J.H.

I wish I had found Sharri right when I started the divorce process. She is so good at helping me gain perspective, set goals, manage co-parenting and communication with my STBX. She really got me through the last few months of financial negotiation when I was ready to throw in the towel. -C.M. mom to 3.



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