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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, Real Estate Agent
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My Name is Rebecca Tomasir but I often go by Rebecca Rose. I am a self employed mother of  Two who had 17 years of Marriage under my belt and learnt about divorce in all the hard ways. I have been self employed in the Real Estate industry since 2011. In 2024 I completed my training in Divorce Coaching. I have a high level of problem solving skills and focused forward  thinking skills that I have fine tuned for over a decade. With my own personal experience with divorce and with helping dozens of clients through the selling property because of divorce and re starting their lives I have already great number of hours gathering the experience, resources and skills it takes to effectively, gracefully and credibly coach you through your separation or divorce road.

Services I Offer

Organizing and Prioritizing tasks

Safe place to express yourself

Resource Guidance

Discovery of your new Self

Emotional Support and Guidance

Task Accountability

IN the near furite Wellness, Retreats to find yourself and gain your Confidence back. Connect to community



CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

Professional Memberships

Licensed Real Estate Agent with Calgary Real Estate Board

Background Experience

Real Estate Divorce sales and Purchases, Refinances, Spousal Buy Outs.


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If you are looking for a thinking partner to help you maneuver the Divorce Journey without having to make the same mistakes as I did  and skip the unnecessary mistake and to build a support system book a FREE Discovery session with me and see today and see. Contact me anytime Via E-mail at Via Text Message or call at 1-403-827-6887 or on my contact page on my website at I Look forward to learning more about your unique story and Seeing how the new one begins.

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