Rina Groeneveld
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
Languages Spoken
Dutch, English, French, German, Other
About my Practice

I work with people in high-conflict divorces or custody battles so that they can effectively respond to lies, manipulation and harassment from their ex without being triggered, create a safe and secure space for their children, and take back their power so they can live their best life.

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On-on-one coaching

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Text or call me at +1 (514) 467 9792 any time to schedule your discovery session or send me a message on via my website at https://lifeafteranabusiverelationship.com/ or on LinkedIn. Packages of 4 and 8 are available as well as pay-as-you-go.


CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
High Conflict Divorce Coach Certification Program

Background Experience

Before becoming a divorce coach, my professional specializations were in language. As a translator into English and a certified copywriter, I’m skilled at written communication and have developed tools for communicating with an abusive ex that my clients find extremely valuable.

Before becoming a CDC divorce coach, inspired by my own experience of post-separation abuse, I learned the skills of dealing with a high-conflict personality and trained as a high-conflict divorce coach.
I’m here to help you as you navigate the rocky seas of a high-conflict divorce or custody battle.

I guide you, and I work with you to develop a strategy and express your truth authentically instead of getting blown off course by your ex’s manipulations, harassment or accusations.


Rina was a grounding unflappable source of thoughtful advice and calm support during the worst days of my life. Having gone through the pain and upheaval of a high conflict separation herself, she was able to support me through the destabilization and agony of a former partner willing to do and say anything – including damage his own child – to punish me for leaving him, and a court system blind to one-sided conflict. Rina is both an experienced and caring coach and an example that I have seen many who like me were caught in the maelstrom of post-separation abuse looked to on dark days as proof that the pain and abuse will lessen, and that we too can make it through to a better life, and thrive. – Sarah K.

I have been extremely fortunate to have been coached by Rina during my divorce from my ex-husband. It was a high-conflict situation and all the while, Rina helped facilitate the process by giving me the tools to speak to my ex and interpret the situation from the perspective of someone who had already dealt with domestic violence. I am forever grateful to her for educating me on the dynamic and the best route to take. She is knowledgeable, effective and patient. These are all qualities needed in a good coach – Stephanie J.

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