Ronna Rosenblatt
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
Divorce Coach for Kids
About my Practice

In my work as a Divorce Coach, I fill a gaping hole in the divorcing process. Attorneys have been called upon to do way beyond their scope of their professional training and have had nowhere to refer people to when the emotions are clouding their thinking.They tell their story over and over in the hopes the attorney will find a golden nugget. Politely they will listen and they will bill for each in person and/or phone hour. This gets quite costly when really their purpose is to inform you of your legal rights and represent you if your case is litigated.That’s it. All the day to day of what goes on in your divorcing life can go to your coach. The truth is, until recently, there was no one for Attorneys to refer to with the skill set to prepare clients for meetings as well as assist with the paperwork, while providing them with proper emotional support for the intense emotions that are often swirling around during divorce. It would be similar to going to a Surgeon for what a Physician’s Assistant can provide. It’s overkill and costly. It is my goal to create enough awareness that people will know that a Divorce Coach must be their first professional contact when considering divorce so the client has a much better chance at arriving at a fair and equitable settlement while keeping their dignity intact. Heightened emotions can get quite costly and when kids are involved it is almost impossible to avoid. I take a hands on approach addressing personal matters using proven systems, that well intended family members and friends are simply not equipped to handle, but try, because they love you. I work with you to turn intense emotion into positive change. If you have kids, I understand (first hand) that they are your most precious assets, and while I will work with you to fully understand your financial situation, the priority will always remain to keep your kids’ well being as the highest priority. I will ask you direct questions that will hold you accountable for your actions transforming old destructive ones into positive more family-serving ones. After all, this is where your power lies. It is amazing to see the transformation in a family when just one person becomes fully aware and willing to change for the sake of their children. I work with you in getting your emotional state intact since you will be called upon at various points throughout the divorce process to make decisions with long lasting effects. You will be prepared and equipped to make these with clarity. If you need an attorney or mediator , we will work together to find the best one to suit your needs. I will help prepare you for your meetings so no time is wasted and you get all your concerns addressed. The goal… to create clarity in your thinking so that smart, well thought out decisions that have long lasting effects, can be made.
Go in with your eyes wide open , learn about the pitfalls, avoid becoming a frequent filer post divorce, and take this on as if you were the CEO of your divorce. My first question to you will be this. If you were to call me in 3 years to tell me all the details of your AMAZING new life, what would you be telling me? Together we will make that call a reality.


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