Salim Uqdah
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
Certified Divorce Coach, Advanced Practitioner Academy of ACR's Family Mediators, NCDRC Certified Mediator – Superior Court & Family Financial, Clerk of Court, Special Proceedings, Estates & Guardianship
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My practice is bifurcated into two areas.

Uroboros Mediations: Divorce Coaching, Mediation Prep, Training, Speaking Engagements, and Consulting/Dispute Resolution Designing

Uroboros Mediations is a dispute resolution company that aims to provide relief in the lives of our clients through divorce coaching, mediation services through Miles, mediation prep, consulting with organizations, and much more. We believe that divorce coaching isn’t necessarily divorcing a person from their spouse, but it can also divorce yourself from habits, dynamics, and mindsets that are counterproductive and harmful. We try to help our clients reinvigorate their marriages, if possible. If they decide to exit their marriage, we can help with the announcement, find your divorce team and other needed professionals, and be present through the divorce process until the end. Afterward, we help clients rebuild a happier, more authentic life, whether that’s co-parenting, dating, work-life balance, redefining one’s self, and much more.

Please visit our website or follow us on our socials to learn more about Uroboros Mediations.

Miles Mediation & Arbitration: Mediation and Neutral Services

Miles Mediation & Arbitration was founded before Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) became a recognized practice area. When he founded the firm in 2000, founder John K. Miles, Jr. understood the economic and emotional value of using ADR as a tool for resolution. Our firm is one of the largest ADR providers in the country, with offices in Atlanta, Savannah, Charlotte, Nashville, and Jacksonville.

We provide a comprehensive array of dispute management services aimed at helping clients manage their disputes on their own terms as much as possible. Whether through arbitration, mediation, or various types of claim evaluation or dispute facilitation, our clients typically come to us seeking to take control of their disputes in a welcoming environment.

Like other challenges, disputes tend to take on a life of their own, costing money, time, and focus. We believe our job is to work creatively and collaboratively with our clients to help them dispute with purpose.

Services I Offer

Uroboros Mediations have the following services:

Divorce Coaching (In-person or via Zoom), Mediation Prep, Training, Speaking Engagements, and Consulting/Dispute Resolution Design

Mediation Services through Miles Mediations & Arbitration:

Divorce Mediations: This includes divorce, Separation, Custody, Child Support, Equitable Distribution (Property Division), Alimony (Spousal Support), Adoptions, Surrogacy, Genetic Donations matters

LBGTQ+ Mediations: Child Relocation, Transition Agreements, Emancipation, and Same-Sex Divorce and Separation matters

Estates Mediations: Personal Representatives, Incompetency, Family Estate Mediations, Caregiver Agreements
Land Partition

Contract & Business Mediations:B2B or B2C, M&A, Formation, Dissolution Reorganization

Housing & Leasing Mediations: Landlord/Tenant, Cohabitation, Nonpayment, Commercial Leasing, AirBNB Disputes, HOA Issues

Employment & Labor Mediations: Hostile Workplace, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Promotion/ Demotion, Hiring/Firing, Disciplinary Actions


Certified Divorce Coach;
Advanced Practitioner Academy of ACR’s Family Mediators;
Approved Mediator for the US Federal Court Western District of North Carolina;
NCDRC – Certified Superior Court & Family Financial Mediator Clerk of Court, Special Proceedings, Estates & Guardianship; FINRA Securities ArbitratorArkfeld eDiscovery Advanced Specialist; North Carolina State Human Resources Employment Mediator;
North Carolina Certified Paralegal

Professional Memberships

Board Member Care Ring, North Carolina Civil Collaborative Law Association & Playing for Others

North Carolina Association of Professional Family Mediators

Member of Carolinas LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce

North Carolina Bar Association (NCBA) – Dispute Resolution Section Council Member & Dispute Resolution Section’s Pro Bono Committee

President of Business Network International (BNI) Charlotte Achievers Virtual Chapter

Professional Member of the Association of Conflict Resolution

Pauli Murray LGBTQ+ Bar Association

Background Experience

Salim is a Neutral for Miles Mediation and Arbitration group located in Charlotte, NC, in October 2022.

He opened his own business, Uroboros Mediations, in 2018 and worked diligently worked at Mecklenburg County Courthouse for three years. Salim graduated from High Point University with a BS in Psychology and a BA in Political Science in 2013. Also, Salim graduated from Central Piedmont Community College’s Post Baccalaureate Paralegal Program with honors and received the Outstanding Student Award in Paralegal Technology in 2015.

Salim combines perseverance, passion, and empathy to achieve hard-won successes and constantly diversifies his skills, talents, and network. He is one of a few Advanced Practitioners of the Association of Conflict Resolution Academy of Family Mediators in North Carolina. He is a member of the NC Association of Professional Family Mediators. Also, Salim is a North Carolina Certified Paralegal and eDiscovery Advanced Specialist. In addition, he is a member of the Dispute Resolution Council for the North Carolina Bar Association (NCBA), is an active member of its Race and Equity Committee, and is the Co-Chair of the Section Pro Bono Committee. Salim is on the Board of Directors for Care Ring, Playing for Others, and the North Carolina Civil Collaborative Law Association. Locally, Salim served on the Mecklenburg Justice Access Initiative Dispute Resolution Committee, is the President of Business Networking International (BNI) Charlotte Achievers, and is a member of Pauli Murry LGBT+ Bar Association and the Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

As a Social Entrepreneur, Salim attempts to find new ways to innovate to increase social harmony and goodwill within his immediate communities. He is the managing partner of the Dispute Resolution Group (DRG) alongside his business partner Amy Cox Gruendel, which provides dispute resolution consulting services to organizations looking to innovate.

He currently conducts them with the NC Office of State Human Resources and conducted past volunteer mediations. Please get in touch with Salim if you have any Dispute Resolution Services, Consulting, or Dispute System Design needs.

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