Sandy Miller, MA, ACC, IACP, CDC®
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
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Revolutionizing Divorce is a coaching practice dedicated to helping people understand the components of divorce and navigate their way through one of the most dramatic and traumatic experiences of their lives.
I compare it to going though a tunnel with a little headlight on your head. You can’t see much, but you know you’re eventually going to get through it. That’s the role of a coach, I have your best interests at heart and help to break down the process into tiny manageable steps so its not so over whelming.

Revolutionizing Divorce provides a platform of support and guidance as you let go of what was and create what is possible during your divorce journey. My mission is to offer you a safe place to resolve, reclaim and rebuild.

As a Divorce Coach, I offer a powerful combination of Divorce Support Groups, an accelerated approach to personal growth and healing, as well as One-On-One Coaching.


CDC Certified Divorce Coach®