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When you think about your future are you feeling frozen and fearful? Did you have the courage to file for divorce, but feel uncertain about the next steps? It all feels so overwhelming!
Maybe you were served unexpectedly, and even though you were unhappy in your marriage, you were afraid to file because you didn’t feel secure about your financial future. You may have had a break from your career to care for your family and you’re unsure of how to re-enter the workforce.
You may be submerged with responsibilities and get little support from your spouse. Perhaps there was financial and emotional abuse in your marriage. You finally see the cycle that got you to this place, but lack hope for a better future.
An unkind marriage can lead to self-doubt and isolation. And, you may not have the support system you need to see you through this adversity.
In my long-term marriage, I lost my soul. I went from being full of youth and promise to being wracked by self-doubt. When divorce was inevitable, I was ready to reclaim my independence and sense of self, but desperately needed somewhere to turn for support.
I didn’t know where else to go other than my therapist and attorney, and although they provided important roles, I needed more. I needed someone to help with a clear roadmap to reduce or minimize my confusion. I needed someone who understood the pitfalls of divorce negotiations because they’d been there. I had so many questions and thoughts stirring in my mind, but I didn’t want to reach out to my expensive family law attorney. I needed help to get organized financially because my controlling husband had kept me from the family finances.
I can help you. My attorney described my divorce as one of the most terrible divorces she’d seen in her decades of practice. I had a high-conflict spouse with money to spend on sharp attorneys. My divorce was assigned to a brand new family law judge who’d been a criminal defense attorney. I went through this storm without any real support. I made mistakes, a few smart moves, and learned a lot along the way! I know what worked and what I’d do differently. I don’t want to see other women suffer if it can be avoided. That’s why I became a Certified Divorce Coach. I want to help women make better decisions in their divorces, because those decisions…made under stress…leave a lasting impact.
An attorney is crucial and necessary but I needed a trained Divorce Coach to help me prepare, get me back into the control seat, minimize my fees, and provide emotional support along the way.
Now, I specialize in working with women who are in high-conflict situations and they feel isolated and afraid. I help them cut through all the emotions, so they are thinking clearly. I help them sort through the mounds of paperwork and assist in preparing for meetings, negotiations and Court. I work with them to practice communication techniques, so they can negotiate with a strong and confident voice.
You CAN design the life you crave! It IS possible. It may be a different life ahead, but it can be Your Best Chapters!
If you feel a Certified Divorce Coach could help with what you’re dealing with, reach out to me here to schedule a confidential no-obligation complimentary coaching session. It could make all the difference.
Services I Offer
I Offer:
One-on-one coaching
Speaking engagements
Group Coaching
Speaking in meetup groups
Divorce and life coaching retreats for women affected by divorce

Certified Divorce Coach, College of Divorce Coaching
Certificate in Human Resources Management, Chapman University
Bachelor of Arts Degree, Political Science, Western Washington University
Athens Center, Athens, Greece

Professional Memberships

Professional Memberships:
International Coaching Federation, (ICF)
College of Divorce Coaching, (CDC)

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Sarah.
Every coaching session I have had with her, I have felt safe, heard and completely understood. Sarah’s empathy and understanding really made me feel at ease and very comfortable throughout the whole session. 
She is warm, engaging and fun to work with while maintaining the utmost professionalism. I gained so much insight into myself and was able to resolve so many issues during our sessions. 
I have come away with clear goals, which I have been able to use to move forward in my life. 
Sarah helped me understand the next steps to take after I filed for divorce. I was worried about how much I’d have to give up and she helped me understand what’s important to consider for my financial future and what to expect as I transition to being solo again. I don’t feel as afraid anymore.
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I offer a complimentary 30-minute consulting session to discover more about you, learn where you are in the divorce process, answer your questions and discuss how I can serve you. Each time we meet, you’ll feel relief and more confident in your next steps.
I’m here to help nurture the person you are becoming, so you blossom into your “best” self…one you hardly recognize right now. Welcome to Your Best Chapters!

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