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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC Certified Divorce Coach(R), Doctor of Education, Master's Education of Educational Counseling
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Put your children first. Divorce coaches observe lots of ‘parental malpractice.’ Sometimes clients don’t even realize they or their spouse are guilty of such malpractice. You will work with your divorce coach as a think-partner to put your children first. Children experience divorce differently based on age and situation. Make no mistake, nothing is more important than your children. Sometimes clients choose to stay in a marriage for their children, sometimes the situation is opposite. Whatever the case, your coach is your thought-partner. I will prepare you for all the steps you will take and decisions you will make as you put your children first.

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Certified Divorce Coach(R)
Certified Divorce Transition & Recovery Coach(R)
Intercultural Development Inventory Qualified Administrator
Licensed Professional School Counselor
Licensed K-12 School Principal
Licensed Director of Instruction

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American Bar Association

Background Experience
As a divorce coach I help struggling clients move forward. Prior to founding my practice I worked for several years counseling children and families in the school setting. I am a licensed professional school counselor, certified divorce coach, certified divorce transition and recovery coach, and qualified administrator for the intercultural development inventory.
My formal education includes my Bachelor of Arts – Psychology, Master’s of Education – Educational Counseling, Master’s of Science – Educational Leadership, and Doctorate of Education – Educational Administration. I have also previously worked as a teacher, school principal, school district administrator, and educational technology researcher and developer.
As a Certified Divorce Coach I completed over 60-hours of classroom instruction, 32 modules with action learning assignments, field practice through 12-hours peer coaching and 6-hours mentor coaching, in addition to 600 hours for my professional school counselor licensing. Clients I have worked with have moved forward to be their best. I am an affiliate member of the American Bar Association (ABA). As an ABA affiliate I advocate to advance the practice of law, as it relates to dispute resolution, but I do not practice law myself. I work with clients from a team framework, which often includes attorneys, therapists, parent educators, financial analysts, realtors, and other professionals affiliated with divorce.
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Be sure you know what you are getting into. You don’t know what you don’t know. You need a think-partner who is on your side. That’s the reality of divorce. You didn’t get married thinking it would end in divorce. A Certified Divorce Coach is a trained divorce professional who will save you time, money, and most of all your sanity. Your divorce coach will empower you to take control of your life. Divorce coaches help you navigate the divorce landscape as you consider your future life. The American Bar Association defines divorce coaching as ‘a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs, and concerns.’ Divorce coaches are think-partners with a primary job to educate the client about the process so that the outcomes lead to the healthiest version of the ‘best you.’

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