Sherri Esformes
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
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I work as a counselor and coach for women seeking support in the process of divorce. I specialize in assisting women who are divorcing after long term marriages. I help my clients work through the emotional, & often overwhelming, separation and divorce recovery process.


  • A Listening ear- to help ease the burden on friends and family
  • A Thinking partner- to help you make smart decisions
  • An Encouraging Voice- to help you take action steps to move forward
Services I Offer

Together we can work to…

-Reset your life

-Become more self-aware

-Make value-based decisions

-Balance your priorities

-Set Goals

-Manage Conflict

-Find new Passions

-Develop new relationships

-Transition from Grief to Joy

-Make plans for a Fabulous Future!



CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®
IIN Certified Integrative Nutrition Health & Wellness Coach

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