Heather Steer
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®), CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, CPA-Inactive
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Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®)
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

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  • Teaming up with Split.fyi, Heather brings her powerful and unique background in finances, accounting and management on top of her experience and passion for coaching. Heather wholeheartedly supports others as they work through their finances, budgets, settlement options, and evolve to being their own head of household. This helps avoid costly attorney hours while enabling anyone to make informed decisions and build their future.  
  • Heather is a divorcee, mother of two, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®), a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, and a financial coach with her own strong private practice in Southern California, Divorce Transition Mentors. After going through her own divorce and the exhausting complexities of the process, Heather is driven to simplify the hurdles around divorce and empower others through their own journey.

My divorce was at a standstill. I couldn’t face another meeting with my ex. I felt like I wanted to bury my head in the sand. Overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork placed in front of me, I felt paralyzed by the fact that there was so much to go through and because my mind was in such an emotional state I simply couldn’t comprehend what was being asked of me. It’s like walking through a minefield and not knowing where to turn so I just stayed still until I started working with Heather and she helped me with a map to safety. I am a personal trainer helping people transform their body but Heather was my personal trainer for my divorce. You are going to feel sweaty and horrible and put through the grinder but you can make it safely to the other side. I needed someone without the emotional connections to guide me through the paperwork and sit in my mediation sessions as the numbers were flying back and forth and Heather did this for me. She got me and my ex out of the purgatory of divorce, safely to the other side and educated about my financial future. – Tracy A.