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Divorce is hard.

I work with women and men who need support in many different ways depending on where they are in their process. Most of my clients have never done this before – they fear making mistakes, they need someone to listen and reality check what they are experiencing, they might be setting boundaries for the first time and it’s uncomfortable, they are having a hard time navigating divorce paperwork or communication with their former spouse or they have just had it and need someone who is objective to listen to them and support them to make decisions and harness the strength to stay in it and not throw in the towel. They realize they are spending money venting to their attorney and the costs are getting out of control.

How We Do This Together…

My role is to be present, objective, non-judgmental, and available, to what your specific needs are. I am a skilled listener and communicator. Twelve years of experience supporting people in divorce, 14 years of experience guiding kids through divorce as a Rainbows Facilitator, and surviving and thriving through my own divorce with four young teens have brought me a wealth of experience, knowledge, compassion, and understanding. My role is also to keep you moving forward. I will be checking in with you on your progress with the paperwork and goals you set. As a former nurse and yoga teacher, I am also tuned in to how you are doing beyond the divorce – are you sleeping, eating, how is work, your kids, your health? We will typically have a 60-minute session, scheduled as needed, where we establish what the most critical or pressing thing is for you and go from there all the way to you having the next steps and some tangible work done in our conversation.

I Am Here For You.

Divorce is all day every day until it is behind you. I make myself available to respond to your texts and emails in between sessions as quickly as I am able, and can free up time in my day if there is something really urgent beyond your scheduled appointments with me.




CDC Divorce Coach®
Transition Coach
Registered Nurse
Registered Yoga Teacher

Professional Memberships

Divorce Care Support Group Leader
Divorce And Beyond Support Group Leader
Yoga Alliance

Background Experience

Certified in Divorce Coaching

Certified in Transformational Coaching

The Better Apart Method Basic Certification

Certified in The Science of Well-Being

12 years of experience supporting people in divorce.

14 years of facilitating lessons for children during and after their parent’s divorce via the Rainbows Program.

Former Preventative Health Nurse and also a former Pediatric Nurse.


When the time spent supporting my clients comes to an end, I send an evaluation to them. Here a few of the recent testimonials I have received.

What were things like before we worked together?

“I was very unsettled and anxious as to how everything would proceed. My emotions – conscious and unconscious were constantly unraveling.”

Please describe how I’ve helped you:

“You helped me make sense of and understand all that was happening and kept me on a steady course moving forward. You helped to calm the uncertainty by patiently staying with me, offering thoughts to consider, sharing insights, and routinely reminding me that I was doing great. I learned how to manage my time with my attorney and his paralegal which helped to keep some of the costs down. You helped me find clarity in a very muddy situation. You were able to demystify so many things and put them into terms/ideas I could understand. There is no way I could’ve gotten through this as well as I did without you.”

BIM, College Professor

What were things like before we worked together?

“I was anxious, confused, and almost in panic mode.”

Please describe how I’ve helped you:

“You are an invaluable resource to anyone going through a divorce. You were awesome in so many ways. You were committed to my case and supportive beyond my expectations. You have helped me to develop coping skills, to recognize triggers and red flags, and how to set boundaries. You helped me to realize what I deserve in a relationship and what my worth is.”

Joanne S, Nurse

What were things like before we worked together?

“Before working with you I was lost and angry and had no idea how to navigate this process. I felt terrible, negative and every day was a struggle.

Please describe how I have helped you:

You helped me with the logical side of this and how to deal with my anger and triggers. I feel as if there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am grateful for all of your services. I felt as if I was drowning and now I am ok. I did not know services such as these existed. You made this process so much easier and your knowledge and compassion are well worth any money spent.”

Brittany J, Stay at Home Mom, Part-time Child Care Provider


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I offer a complimentary conversation to learn more about you and what you need, and to offer ways that divorce coaching can best support you. I’d be honored to help you have a better experience in divorce.

You can schedule a confidential, non-judgemental completely free consultation by sending me an email to, kindly introduce yourself, let me know what your key issues and desires are, and suggest a few days and times that we could chat. I am happy to chat on the phone or on zoom. I am very prompt at responding.

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Don’t wait until it gets more unbearable than it already is. Together we can make it manageable and an opportunity for hope, optimism, and sanity!

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