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I work with individuals pre, during and post divorce and help them go from crisis to calm. I specialize in finding them the right resources they need and save them time, money and headaches. I am available for my clients day, night and weekends and the first session is always free. I specialize in high conflict (toxic relationships), high net worth, custody and parenting issues including special needs children.

Services I Offer

As director of my local chapter of National Association of Divorce Professionals I link legal, financial, mental health and real estate professionals together and find the perfect match for my client since every divorce is unique. I will come to attorney meetings, mediations, court or financial planners with you or via zoom. I do as much or as little as you desire.


Certified Divorce Coach
Post Divorce Transition and Recovery
Mastermind Divorce Coach

Professional Memberships

Certified Divorce Coach
National Association for Divorce Professionals
Rockland Business Women Network
Mid Rockland Networking Group
Montebello Jewish Center Trustee

Background Experience

Doctorate in Education-specialize in child development and custody issues and what is age appropriate practices in divorce. Excellent at problem solving anything involving children.

Post Divorce Transition and Recovery certification-love to help individuals move on after a divorce with enforcement, coparenting, new job, new house, new relationships and pre-nups!

High conflict, toxic relationships, domestic violence, spouse with criminal and civil law suits-I have been through it all and helped others get through this most stressful time and can help you reclaim your life and overcome obstacles to achieve your goals.

Divorce and Real Estate-I own and manage a multi million dollar real estate holding company and understand all the complexities of equitable distribution and dividing assets in divorce and can help with out of the box thinking on assets, debts, post nuptials and more!

Special Needs Children and divorce-I have personal experience with a severely special needs daughter and 20 plus years experience as an educator and educational consultant and understand the complexities of divorce with a special needs child and the additional steps needed to ensure safety, best interest and guardianship as well as special needs trusts and resources.

Dealing with Attorneys and Mediators-I first hand understand high net worth and high conflict divorce and how to get  your attorney or mediator to work for you. I help you communicate with them and get them to make your wishes a realty.

Jewish Divorce-Divorce in Judaism takes on special meaning and how to deal with family, extended community, synagogues and get your ghet are all areas I have helped individuals with.

Document Review-I will help you review motions and add the detail necessary to avoid future court post divorce. I will also help you generate questions to ask your attorney/mediator.



“Talking to you truly helps center me and gives me different things to consider” J.A.

“I am feeling so many emotions and whenever we have a session I get a better understanding of how I want to move forward” H.A.

“This is all so overwhelming and you help me process it” D.W.

“Thank you for coming to court with me if you weren’t there I would have felt pressure to sign the documents that would have been permanent and negatively impacted me” J.S.

“Thank you for everything! If you hadn’t been on the three way call with my attorney I would never have been able to communicate my needs and the direction I want the case to head” A.S.

“After 50 years of marriage you helped me find the courage to get out of this toxic relationship. Thank you from the bottom of my heart” J.V.

“Thank you for finding me the perfect attorney and helping me know the right questions to ask-I know everything will be ok cause I have you on my team” L.S.

“My soon to be ex was very receptive to my list that we created during our session-I can’t thank you enough for helping this go so smoothly” D.W.

“I keep renewing my packages with Susan because it is so helpful and really does save me tons of money so I am prepared for sessions with my attorney” J.M.


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Text or call me at 551-444-2609 any time to schedule your complimentary session or send me a message on via my website at or on Facebook at Susan Korb Bernstein. Packages of 3 and 8 available as well as pay as you go. Venmo, Zelle and cash accepted.

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