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CDC Certified Divorce Coach, Licensed Private Investigator
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We spend our lifetimes learning how to get married.   No one teaches us how to get divorced which leads us feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and frightened should we be faced with one.  This is not how it has to be.

Every client is unique and always in control of their life.    The divorce roadmap consists of many different roads, avenues, hills, alleys, stop signs and green lights.   I support each client as they take their own route; one that celebrates their resilience and ability to divorce with confidence.






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My sub-specialty is Parental Alienation (PA).  Other than losing a child to death, Parental Alienation is the second worst thing that can happen to parent regarding their relationship with their child that is either being eroded or has been severed by the influence of the child’s other parent.   I assist people with learning ways to  circumvent, diffuse, defy and even eradicate PA from their lives.  Children have a right to have a relationship with both parents.

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Parental Alienation Study Group.

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Along with my CDC Certified Divorce Coach designation, I am a private investigator.  My twenty five years as a corporate investigator with hundreds of hours of court room testifying experience is a wonderful pairing with being a certified divorce coach.



“Susan took me out of despair and walked me towards the light.  I can’t believe what my life is like now.  I even bought a new house!!  I coul dnever have done that without her help.”    Annie


“As one who has experienced divorce and litany of struggles – including many portrayed in the book ……………. Susan Shofer goes above and beyond….”  Robert Yehling, author, Crawl of Fame and Just Add Water

“Susan said all the right things about the Parental Alienation I have been going through. I thought I was going crazy.  It seems as though I am experiencing good old fashioned alienation.   Susan has helped me with a plan.  After five years of very little communication with my kids, I have some new tools.  Just this weekend, my oldest son had dinner with me. It was pleasant.  Thanks Susan.”    Marcia


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I offer a complimentary 30 minutes session for all potential clients.   This can be done via zoom or traditional phone call.  Please contact me at or 443.738.4729.

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