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CHERYL DUFFY, Certified Divorce Coach, Accredited Mediator and Author of the bestseller “The Divorce Tango“.

Having moved on after 8 years of a hellish divorce recovery, she now has a passion to help others through and beyond divorce so they can move on and create a happy life.

Founder of ‘The Divorce Centre’, a one stop shop for Divorce providing a national team of lawyers, mediators, coaches, counsellors and financial planners. Referring clients to the right professional at the right time to minimise cost and accelerate recovery.

Specialising in helping separated parents co-parent successfully through the ‘Co-Parenting with Civility’ program so they can be their best self, good role models, child focussed and minimise conflict and impact on the children.

Helping those “stuck” in post-divorce purgatory unable to let go and move on, looking over their shoulder pining for their old life.

Empower clients to rebuild self-worth, confidence, and shift to a positive mindset so they are future focussed able to create the life they deserve.

Services I Offer

The Divorce Centre provides a one stop shop for Divorce to support you through and beyond divorce referring you to the professionals at the right time

Divorce Coaching to help you work through challenges to gain confidence, courage to take back your power 

Co-parenting with Civility Program to help you reduce stress, anxiety and conflict so you can create a successful co-parenting relationship to provide two loving homes for your children to thrive.

Accelerated Divorce Recovery Program so you can let go and move on to create  the life you deserve


CDC Divorce Coaching Certification
Accredited Mediator
Certified PMP Project Manager
Prosci Certified Change Manager

Professional Memberships

CDC Divorce Coaching
AMA Australian Mediation Association
Rotary E-Club Of Greater Sydney

Background Experience

Certified Divorce Coach helping people impacted by Divorce

Accredited Mediator to help couples negotiate win/win solutions to avoid costly legal battles

International Projects Director for Rotary E-Club of Greater Sydney helping impoverished communities

Business Leader in a Global IT company driving transformation programs across Asia Pacific



“Cheryl you are a star! The ex has finally moved out into a rental. Once I planted the seed it just took 2 months for him to agree with me. Still a long way to go but what a great start. Thank you with all my heart for your wondrous advice”…..Odette

“The best coaching I have ever had. Down to earth, realistic, with common sense and so much empathy. Cheryl Duffy you not only helped me clear my head, you encouraged me to heal my heart and this in turn made me move forward In a positive direction, I am ever so grateful for your inspiration, time and effortless devotion to the road of my recovery. Thank you Cheryl you are terrific cheers”……Carol

“Consultation with Cheryl to prepare for a difficult settlement and custody discussion with my ex, gave me the clarity and confidence to be fully prepared for what was one of the hardest conversations I’ve ever had to have” ………..Chris

“To have Cheryl support me emotionally, guiding me through my divorce was comforting and gave me the strength to get through one of the most traumatic events of my life”… Susan

“The process of separating is both emotional and difficult. Cheryl Duffy’s sincere, but strategic, constructive and balanced approach was invaluable and I would encourage any client to engage with her, to achieve a logical and fair outcome in any separation/divorce. She advised me that the best way to deal with financial settlement in a divorce is through an amicable approach. If after an initial consultation with a lawyer in regards to entitlements an agreement can be reached between both parties, it will allow both to remain in control. This resulted in a somewhat less painful separation in what is a stressful period”…………Crystal

“Losing my kids was the most painful part of my marriage breakdown and after trying to reconnect with them over the years with Cheryl’s support I have realised I need to move on and recreate a life for myself knowing my girls know I will always be here when they need me,….Phill

“Cheryl helped me realise I was running away avoiding the inevitable, prolonging the pain. To face my fears and plan my actions would be the best for everyone and enable me to move on and recreate the life I want…..Shane

“I was so worried about the impact of my divorce on the children, Cheryl helped me be the best role model to them during this difficult time for us all” ………Rachael

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