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As I get older, I’m more aware than ever of 4 truths:

  1. Time is precious – don’t waste it.
  2. You are precious – invest in yourself.
  3. Money gives you more choices – use it wisely.
  4. Healthy relationships are vital for our wellbeing – whether that’s a healthy relationship with oneself, a healthy intimate relationship or our relationship with our children, extended family or friends.

These truths lie at the heart of my coaching.

I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that I have helped so many people who’d become completely frustrated by their legal predicament or their spouse’s behaviour.  However, I believe I can have the most positive impact if I work with you earlier in your journey.

And that brings me to my area of special interest – women who have put their family first and are now caught in the “should I stay or should I go” loop.

Do you want to talk to someone who understands the complexities of this decision?  Are you caring and smart but your own education or career were a lower priority in the daily mix?  This may not have been a problem earlier in the relationship but now you’re feeling uncertain and vulnerable.  You’re worried about your children, how your spouse will respond, your financial situation and are spending a lot of time searching for answers while your emotions are like “a yo-yo”.

I’ve got you.

With the right information, resources and soulful support, you can move from confusion to clarity and have greater confidence as you face these life-changing decisions.  As your coach, nothing would bring me greater satisfaction than to watch you flourish as you move past these tough times feeling prepared and optimistic about the future.  Whatever your choice.

And here are some reasons why you can feel comfortable choosing me as your coach:

  • my first career as a family lawyer allows me to share my deep knowledge of the legal journey of separation and divorce – the good, the bad and the unexpected;
  • my training and work as a family law mediator allows me to share conflict management skills, with a focus on cooperative co-parenting and less costly solutions;
  • my own research and podcast – enhances my knowledge and resources that I can share with you;
  • divorce coaching and my subsequent training with CDC – gave me additional tools to support you as you shift from the “big” separation emotions to making better decisions based on your values, needs and interests.

Finally, as a result of my own journey of separation and co-parenting, I have even greater compassion for your situation than I did when I first became connected to the experience of separation and divorce some 30 years ago.

Services I Offer

My coaching service involves 1 hour sessions every 2 weeks for 6 weeks.  However, coaching is designed to meet your needs and goals so the sessions can be scheduled more frequently if you wish.

I’m also available between coaching sessions via email or text if you need to touch base about smaller matters that come up from time-to-time.



CDC Certified Divorce Coach

Accredited Family Law Mediator registered with the Attorney General’s Department, Australia

Law Degree from the National University of Australia, Canberra

Liberal Arts Degree from the University of Western Ontario, Canada

Professional Memberships

since 2020, Host of “The Separation Fix” podcast

since 2020, Chairman, Family Law Pathways Network (Northern Rivers region)

since 2016, Board Member, Family Law Family Law Pathways Network (Northern Rivers region)

since 2014 – Board Member, Byron Regional Community College

Background Experience

Some people believe it is my previous career as a family lawyer that brings something extra to my coaching, but that’s only part of it.  Yes, I can I help clients have an optimal relationship with their lawyer by being organised, getting clear about important outcomes, and avoiding expensive & destructive mistakes, I actually believe it’s my training and experience as a mediator that is particularly helpful when coaching clients.

Why? Firstly, my neutrality.  I believe it’s best to have someone by your side who you who has no agenda – who has no vested interest in your decisions other than your well-being.  Next, I believe it’s best to have someone beside you who is an excellent listener and communicator.  Finally, I believe it’s best to have someone beside you who can help you uncover your underlying needs and interests – rather than being distracted by peripheral issues that may be keeping you back from achieving what’s truly important to you.


What most stands out about Liz was the amazing clarity she gave me of the overall picture. I was overly focused on the small stuff and she helped me see the big picture. Liz uncomplicated things in a way no one else was able to do.” Lovely mum of 2, As always privacy is paramount.


Book a Complimentary Session

Please go to my website to book a complimentary discovery session which can be by phone or zoom.  If you are unable to find a vacancy on my calendar that works for you, please send me an email with a couple of alternate days and times.

What happens during the 45 minute discovery session?  To begin with, I’ll want to hear about your situation and the challenges you are facing. I expect that you’ll want to learn more about coaching and get a sense of whether you’d like to work with me.

Importantly, I’ll share “my secret” – what I believe is the biggest mistake women make when they are stuck in the “should I stay or should I go” loop.