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I passionately specialize in working with men dealing with a High Conflict divorce. As a certified Divorce and Recovery Coach, I work with all stages of divorce including, pre-divorce, mid stage, post-divorce and recovery.  I specialize in extream High Conflict, with a background in abuse of all kinds, verbal, mental, gaslighting, financial, legal, and physical abuse.  Why is this my “passion” and why men?  My own father was almost killed in his second marriage, shot at and even driven over, it’s a passion!

I have worked in law enforcement, taught self-defense, helped out in a battered woman’s shelter and helped families leave an abusive home calmly and safely.  I understand High Conflict and more importantly, I understand how to calm the conflict.

I help my clients by being a strong thinking partner in a safe and confidential space. I help them with research and understanding the laws, rights, and procedures.  My clients are prepared for court dates and the future ahead and I help them every step of the way.

All my clients have 24/7 access via text, I get back to them as quickly as I can.  I am willing to travel to them and sit with them in proceddings if needed.

No man should have to go through this alone!  I am here for YOU and with YOU, it’s ALL about YOU & your family!

Services I Offer

I work 1 on 1 in a safe and confidential environment via phone or Zoom.  I offer single sessions with some text communication or packages of 4, 8, and an unlimited year of coaching and all have 24/7 text support.



CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®.
Certified Martial Arts Instructor
Colorado State Certified Emergency Medical Technician Instructor
Certified Coach Training Alliance Life Coach

Background Experience

I have been mentoring and coaching individuals and groups for over 35 years.    I have been a CTA Certified Life Coach for over 12 years, and I have worked in the Divorce Coaching arena off and on during my 35 years.  I decided to JUST Divorce Coach and got my certification and have not looked back.  My passion has been, and always will be, helping people thrive and make their lives better.


I came to Tina after the paper for the divorce had been signed.  I couldn’t believe how much was still left to do and how many issues I still had to deal with: financially, functionally, and emotionally.  Ultimately, I found that many of these issues were things that my lawyer didn’t really provide me with support on.

This is where Tina really helped me.  She helped me understand better how to communicate my needs and the needs of my children.  She helped me separate my feelings from how the situation would appear from a legal stand-point.  Through her guidance, I have avoided confrontations, significantly cut down on the number of hostile conversations, and helped me feel like I am not being taken advantage of the way I used to be.  I believe, with her continued guidance, that I can seek a continued co-parenting arrangement that allows me to feel fulfilled in my role as mother and respects me as an equal contributor in the co-parenting responsibilities.

I wish I had used Tina’s services when I was in the process of preparing and pursuing my divorce.  It would have saved me over $10,000 in unnecessary attorney fees and provided me a better perspective on what I was allowed to ask for.  Her insights would have allowed me to make better decisions in the divorcing process and about what I could be considered agreeable terms in the separation agreement. – Ana


When Tina asked me to write a testimonial I was honored as it would give me a chance to express in
words other then, “ Thank you” how much she has assisted me in navigating such a negative time in my
life. My husband and I finally made it to the last thread in our marriage and were ready to cut that. I had
expressed how confusing this was and Tina mentioned there are divorce coaches. She explained what a
divorce coach was and how it was a great option through this process. At that time, I had not realized
how much impact the financial and emotional toll would be and she became my Divorce Coach.
For me the most important was the emotional support and guidance because my whole life I usually ran
from problems. She was able to guide me on where to start and assist me in created a reasonable plan
that was not rushed. We would set a goal and she would call after to check in on how things were going
and helped me stay on track. This was so important as I tend to stray and not put my needs first and this
was important to keep my children and myself safe.
When divorce was first thrown into my marriage I did not know where to start. I looked at lawyers
assumed I would just have to give in to what my Husband wanted and lose everything. She helped me
realize there are resources available to prevent this from happening while also being safe during this
process. I was not sure If I wanted to go through with a divorce and we created a plan for all options.
With the resources she had she was able to inform me of other coaches and services that are available
as well, not only to myself but my family. Some of those were classes on how to parent through a
divorce and how to inform my children and support them through the process. Once again, I thought I
would not be able to pay for these services and she was able to find classes that were reasonably priced
and worked with my crazy schedule. Through the process, so far, I have saved thousands of dollars
versus me trying to navigate this whole thing on my own.
This has set my family to succeed whether we chose to stay in our marriage or decide to take that last
step. It has set our children up to see that divorce can be healthy and hopefully change their views of
what it could have been. My family is now in counselling and we are currently taking little steps in trying
to fix our marriage and not rush into divorce. We now know there are options and we will not just be
stuck due to financial circumstances. I am following through with our plan and have started
recommended Tina to coworkers going through similar obstacles and to no surprise they did not know a
Divorce Coach was an option. Tina stepped in during such a negative time in my life and gave me
confidence knowing there are options allowing me to continue through my day without so many things
pilling up on my shoulders. I will forever be grateful.
Wraynette Sisneros


Hi, I’m Joseph and I want to share with you my experience on knowing Tina and being coached by Tina. Tina is very sincere, and she is confidential, and I trust her and do trust her with everything I share with her.

Tina has been the one person in my life that I trust explicitly.  Tina has helped me in my divorce for the last 4 years and I trusted her so much that I had my lawyer work with her instead of me directly during the legal process because Tina understood what was going on more then I did during all that chaos and extreme emotional stuff.

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If you are in a hurtful difficult relationship, or going through a difficult divorce I ask that do this for you, email or text me NOW, so you can start the process of feeling safe again and start your healing! Your first session is free of charge, I am here for you NOW!  My email is Tina@divorcecoachspecialist.com and my text line is 719-580-6684.  You shouldn’t go through this alone.

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