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I specialize in working with individuals facing divorce who are indecisive, emotionally charged, or exhausted from the challenges of divorce or co-parenting. I help clients save expense, time, and energy by narrowing in on their key legal questions and I can assist to clarify and construct the framework of a parenting plan prior to meeting with a lawyer. I am not an advocate of separation and divorce, but I will be your advocate during this complicated time. I will help you make mindful choices, and I can assist you with the business of divorce, along with the emotional work that will accompany you on this journey.

My goal is to be a source of support to help you move forward, no matter how small or big a step, with clarity and optimism.

Services I Offer

One-on-one coaching

Pre-divorce preparation

  • divorce process options
  • what you need to prepare
  • steps to move forward
  • clarity of decision making


  • assist in framing parenting agreements
  • parenting through divorce
  • age appropriate understanding to tell your child(ren) you are divorcing


  • understanding triggers
  • understanding responses
  • moving towards a new way to respond


  • effective communication
  • shifting dynamics


  • preparation to meet with lawyer
  • review of personal financial situation
  • assist to organize court pleadings
  • coaching through negotiation process

Self Awareness

  • decision making
  • accountability
  • shift perspectives
  • stages of divorce



  • somatic practices
  • boundaries
  • the nervous system and coaching
  • stress reduction

Divorce Transition & Recovery

  • dealing with loss
  • post divorce rolls
  • re-entry in the workforce
  • transition
  • dating after divorce



CDC Separation and Divorce Coach®
CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®
Certified Professional Organizer
Paralegal Litigation Certificate

Background Experience

On a personal level, I can relate to the many layers of separation and divorce. Years ago, my relationship included several complex issues that eventually contributed to the breakdown of the marriage, with continued aftershocks long after the divorce was final. I am a mother of two children, one of which I navigated through the high conflict post-divorce. I understand what it means to transition out of a marriage and become a single parent.

On the career spectrum, I have varied experience as a Legal Assistant in various areas of law and I have Paralegal experience in family law.  I also worked with the complaint (inquiry/investigation) team at the College of Psychologists of British Columbia for several years. Additionally, I am a certified professional organizer and am able to combine guided organizational skills to assist clients dealing with overwhelm in their home so they may feel rested and uncluttered.


“I had the pleasure of being coached by Trisha.  She has a calm, peaceful non-judgement approach that allowed me to process some challenges and gain notable improvements.  Her calm presence is reassuring and she kept helping me dial into my capabilities and to get on top of challenges and make progress in a way that opened up my options and made me feel lighter and calmer.


“Over the past several months, I have been fortunate to receive coaching from Trisha, which has been pivotal during the challenging final stages of my divorce.

Trisha’s coaching approach is characterized by a deep understanding of personal dynamics and communication strategies. She has a remarkable ability to identify and address my “blind spots,” which has been transformative. Her insights were not only enlightening but also instrumental in reducing my stress and enhancing my coping strategies during these complex situations.

Trisha created a safe space for me to explore my feelings and concerns about single parenthood amid these transitions. She consistently recognized and applauded my efforts and dedication to being a good father, which greatly boosted my confidence. Her guidance was crucial in helping me maintain a positive relationship with my child and my ex, ensuring that I kept my focus on what was truly important.

The coaching I received from Trisha has made a significant positive impact on my personal life. Her guidance has helped me navigate one of the most difficult periods of my life with grace and resilience.”

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