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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC Certifed Divorce Coach®, CTA Certified Life Coach, TEDx Speaker Coach, Author, Speaker
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As a Professional Life and Divorce Coach, I am committed to supporting you in recognizing and fulfilling your highest potential. I have experience working with a wide variety of clients and divorce situations. My expertise is in assisting women who have given up full time careers, advancements, or businesses in order to assume primary responsibility for raising their children. In our work together, I help them have clarity about what life looks like now, confidence in their changing roles, as well as security in knowing it’s all going to be OK.

First, we get clear on the challenges you’re facing and clarify the most important ones. Then, we identify what it looks like when they’ve been overcome. Next, we choose a specific package or solution, whether it’s help with the Divorce Process, support through the Journey of Divorce, or working on Rebuilding After Divorce. Either way we’re going to customize a plan based on what YOU need the most. MY job is to support, focus, and guide you through the process so you reduce stress, save money and make the best possible decisions for your future.

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– CDC Certifed Divorce Coach®
– CTA Certified Life Coach
– Bachelors of Laws (LL.B.) – Western Law School
– Bachelor of Arts, University of British Columbia
– Personal Trainer (BCRPA)

Professional Memberships

– CDC Certifed Divorce Coach®
– TEDx Bear Creek Park

Background Experience


In addition to being a Professional Life & Divorce Coach, I’m a proud single parent, TEDx Speaker & Coach, and Author. I am a graduate of UBC and Western Law School. Following my call to the bar, I discovered my coaching passion as Career Development Director at Western Law School.

Following my seemingly never-ending and difficult divorce, I realized I had become a coaching magnet for divorcing friends and family members in need of reliable, credible and compassionate support. So I decided to go pro!

I integrated my legal and coach training, my experience, and all of the healing and learning I had acquired through the divorce and parenting process. And I became a professional life and divorce coach. My diverse background, including my own multi-faceted experience of divorce and parenting, has equipped me with a wide lens with which to assist my clients, and a continuing passion to serve others.

This passion lead me to do a divorce related TEDx talk (link at the videos below) and write a self development book that deconstructs happiness. I’m excited about YOLO: Essential Life Hacks for Happiness ( as it highlights tools and tips I used to find my way back to happiness after divorce.

Happiness is not about avoiding problems, challenges, setbacks (including divorce), insecurities, and self-doubts. It’s about knowing how to approach these situations, being intentional about your life, and what it has to offer. Happiness is a way of being, not only a state of being.



Working with Vindy, you will feel the reassurance that comes with her exemplary listening skills, true openness, and calm demeanor. She is able to see the broader picture and explore various perspectives with her clients with compassion and empathy, which can be a very challenging skill to achieve in emotionally charged situations.

Alongside her exceptional interpersonal style, Vindy possesses strong critical thinking and conflict resolution skills. Relational and always collaborative in her approach. Vindy is able to connect with diverse individuals in an unbiased manner coming from a place of curiosity. Her professional legal education and training, along with her coaching credentials and experience of parenting and divorce, have helped her hone these skills.

Vindy is a resourceful individual, and uses her creativity and flexibility to serve her clients. She is able to assess situations, help clarify issues, and empower her clients to create their own goals and direction. Together with her well-rounded professional education and experience, Vindy’s ethical character, integrity, professionalism, understanding of family dynamics, and cultural humility make her a highly effective divorce coach.

Lucki Kang, BSW, MSW, RSW, Field Education Coordinator at University of the Fraser Valley School of Social Work and Human Services

Vindy is a rare combination of an excellent listener, an extremely articulate lawyer, a very caring and thoughtful intellectual, and a person who has experienced the pain of divorce herself. This made her an incredible divorce coach who offered insights for every issue I experienced during my divorce and after the agreement had been signed. She helped me through my divorce, and in particular, the aftermath of the divorce which can involve dealing with the emotional impact on children. She also has regularly given me support dealing with the custody and access issues. She has always provided me with constructive, practical guidance while always managing to make me laugh during the constant stress. Vindy Teja particularly excels at providing guidance on how to minimize divorce implications on your children, including help with proper dialogue and verbiage when difficult discussions must be held with your children. Vindy herself is a shining example of a mother, because she has always taken the high road during her divorce. I have yet to meet anyone else who has survived a divorce as gracefully as she has. I can’t think of anyone better suited to be a divorce coach.

Barb Kilfoil, B. Pharm, MBA, Executive Oncology Specialty Representative. AstraZeneca Canada, Ottawa

I appreciated Vindy’s help on my unique divorce situation. I wasn’t aware that divorce coaches existed, but I think that it is a much and long needed service. No matter how successful and wise one is in their own business, this circumstance presents its very own set of issues that need to be handled competently, especially if children are involved. Divorce is one of the most difficult experiences in life, and the knowledge that someone like Vindy exists, especially given her legal background, is very comforting. I only wish I had known about her services earlier during the divorce process. Although my results were good, I can’t help but think her guidance would have made things much clearer for me, which would have made entire process less stressful.

Blake, Realtor, Vancouver

Vindy is an incredible coach and mentor. She is committed to improving both my professional and personal life. In both areas, she helped me remain calm and to focus on my goals, and gave me support to build my resilience, get clearer on my options, and increase my decision-making confidence. Professionally, I got ideas about how add more value to my services and language I could use to communicate more effectively with clients. Personally, I gained clarity about how to think outside the box and connect more deeply with my partner. She is kind and personable, fun and honest. I recommend Vindy as a wonderful co-pilot to have on your journey, and I look forward to our monthly sessions.
Tanja Wuerstlein – Massage Practitioner/Bodyworker, Vancouver

I’m not Vindy’s typical client because I already have a pretty good idea where I am headed and am happy with that. What I really sought from her was feedback and reflection on my direction, to see if she might bring some insights I wasn’t seeing. She gave me a fresh perspective and caused me to see things in some helpful new ways. Thank you!
K.G., Entrepreneur and Certified Software Developer, Vancouver

After my coaching session with Vindy I realized I needed to be clearer about my goals and the direction I wanted my life to go. I gained much clarity and also felt empowered. I learned to listen to that inner voice within me that most of all too often ignore. Through being more in tune with myself and my values, I am now working in an environment that is far more creatively fulfilling, and I am surrounded by many like-minded individuals where I feel like I am at home.
Ronnie, Professional Film and TV Make-Up Artist, Vancouver


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