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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
Certified CDC Divorce Coach, Certified CDC Transition and Recovery Coach, Certified High-Conflict Divorce Coach, Certified Co-Parenting Specialist
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A High-Conflict Divorce is a complicated process, both logistically and emotionally, and it is probably unlike anything you have ever done. You may feel beaten down by your contentious soon to be ex and don’t have the mental capacity or the right tools and processes to carry out the terms of your divorce. Your toxic partner has most likely lied, cheated, and treated you horribly and somehow managed to make it seem like it is all your fault. You feel ashamed, drained, holding guilt and grief all too close – it is your family after all that is getting ripped apart. Together, let’s create a way out of this mess.

I am a child of divorce, married 3x, divorced 2x and believe me when I say that I have seen my fair share of conflict. My work is always confidential, un-biased, supportive and non-judgmental. I am a compassionate listener, your advocate, and together we can separate the emotions of divorce from the business of divorce. You will learn how to face a toxic partner, apply new-learned tools to help you stand your ground, settle on what you want, vs. what you get and re-learn to love your life.

As a Certified Divorce Coach, I guide you through the divorce process and support you with how to avoid the most common mistakes of divorce all while having more confidence in your ability to handle your high-conflict spouse during all phases of divorce: from pre- to post-divorce and everything in between.

Together, we prepare for what lies ahead by giving you the tools you need for an outcome you want. We make a plan how to work wisely and judiciously with your divorce attorney, and come up with long-term goals for your new life. I will coach you through important steps such as mediation and get you ready to ask for what you want vs. settling for what you’re offered. I promise, that with time, you will learn to thrive in your new life and I will be there every step of the way so that you won’t have to do this alone.

Are you ready? Let’s do this!


Services I Offer

If this is the first time working with me, choose the 15-minute complementary and confidential consulting session to get started. You will be given the opportunity to share what the current status of your relationship is and together, we will strategize on what program is best for you to support you in your journey. There will be plenty of time for you to ask me questions you might have about my coaching process.

Individual sessions are great for clients who need help when they feel stuck, are dealing with ongoing drama, need to work through general divorce strategy ideas or want additional guidance for difficult conversations, perhaps an upcoming mediation. If you are again and again finding yourself in court post-divorce, I can teach you skills and arm you with tools to stand your ground when dealing with a high-conflict individual.

CLARITY: Marriage/Divorce Assessment Program
If you are unsure about leaving, feel stuck in your marriage or have considered divorce, this is a great place to start. In my 4-session Marriage/Divorce Assessment, I will work with you to gain a clear perspective of what divorce entails, work through the pro and cons of divorce, get you out of the blame game or get you over the “everything is perfect” part of your marriage.

COMPREHENSION: Emotions of Divorce Program
Learn how to identify fears and address them, and have more confidence in your ability to handle the early phases of divorce from the initial shock, the turmoil, the grief and the rollercoaster of emotions. This program is best when you are trying to figure out how to manage the stress of divorce when you are feeling stretched to the max.

CHOICE: Business of Divorce Program
This program is all about making the right strategic decisions with your (and your kids) future in mind: finding the right lawyer, working with your legal team, working on a financial plan, how to build your parenting plan, prepping for mediation etc. We co-design and streamline the divorce process and organize the overwhelming amount of paperwork.

CONFIDENCE: Moving Forward after Divorce Program
This program goes beyond the actual divorce. Here you’ll evaluate what you need versus what you want, gain new perspective, take back control and learn how to love again. I’ll be coaching you to redesign your life exactly the way you want it to be and help you create your future vision.



• Certified CDC Divorce Coach ®
• Certified CDC Transition and Recovery Coach ®
• Certified High-Conflict Divorce Coach
• Certified Co-Parenting Specialist
• Certified Somatic Trauma Therapist

Background Experience

Hi, I am Viviane Veraguth, your Divorce Coach.

As a child of divorce, I have seen my fair share of conflict.

I never saw myself crying for days, feeling completely and utterly alone, and angry at everyone. But here I was trying to figure out what went wrong. Not once, but twice. No joke.

I had plenty of thoughts of revenge. I was angry. I was bitter. I was devastated. I was a mess. And worst of all, I had nowhere to turn. What I needed, was a plan, a much better plan than staying in the place I was. I needed a way out of this.

My divorce experiences made me smarter, more confident and above all, I learned how to cope with the emotional roller coaster of the process. I decided, rather than blaming everyone around me, to take responsibility – not only for myself, but also for my actions. The importance of making intelligent and future-focused decisions together with understanding the importance of self-care kept me strong during my difficult time. I am happy to say that my most recent divorce ended up amicably and I would consider my ex-husband a friend – someone I shared a wonderful dog with for many years.

Fast forward a couple of years, someone near and dear needed help while going through a high-conflict divorce. He experienced a drawn-out divorce where communication became impossible and the relationship with the children was negatively influenced and manipulated. Together, we worked through his decisions with a destructive partner who only wanted to “win”, not to mention the devastating effects it had on everyone around. Coaching him through the toxic ending to his marriage, navigating this messy and expensive divorce that carved a path of destructive behavior, was a challenge, I am not going to lie.

As your Divorce Coach, I am your advocate. My work is always confidential, un-biased, supportive and non-judgmental. I am a compassionate and empathetic listener, and together we can separate the emotions of divorce from the business of divorce. As part of my own recovery and transition, I trained to become a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach® together with becoming a Certified Co-Parenting Specialist. I created a place where I work with clients who are navigating complex custody battles, messy co-parenting situations and expensive divorces from high-conflict and toxic partners.

In my personal life, I am a thrill seeker and adventurer, a Swiss national and lover of all things beautiful. In my free time you can find me hiking on top of a mountain, riding my vintage motorcycle on winding roads or exploring faraway lands, preferably all at the same time and with my favorite person and the love of my life. In short, I have been married 3x, divorced 2x, and yet still believe in love.

And so will you. I know you will. Stick with me and I’ll show you how.



Viviane is such an empathetic and warm thinking partner. She created a safe space for me to unload yet helped me move along with great questions and insights. Her skills as a coach helped me focus in a positive manner and with a best self-practice in mind. Bravo, Viviane, for making me excited about my future!
– LM

Viviane allows me to let my frustrations out yet gently steers me towards making positive changes. She gives me space to be vulnerable but also makes me take responsibility for my life which has been hard and emotional as of lately. Her breathing exercises are so helpful and her soothing/calming techniques are what helped me stay grounded through the last couple of stressful weeks.
– JM

I have gone through a very sudden and difficult divorce. I found Viviane’s coaching business through a mutual friend and she has been a life safer! Viviane has a way of breaking things down that I really needed to focus on but couldn’t verbalize. Throughout our time together she kept me on my path through her deep listening, and intuitive questioning. I truly feel stronger and have answers to what seemed to be scary and unknown just a short few weeks ago. Viviane is such a good coach and I love working with her, she has the perfect demeanor for this kind of work. I always look forward to my sessions with her!
– LS

Over the last few months, Viviane has coached me through a number of difficult people management situations that could have gone south easily had I not had her strong insight and experience on my side. She helped me navigate a complex world of emotions, biases, and expectations that I wasn’t as familiar with. I highly recommend Viviane as a coach in interpersonal situations, and look forward to my regular meetings with her.
– AG


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