Viviane Veraguth
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
Certified CDC Divorce Coach, Certified CDC Transition and Recovery Coach, Certified High-Conflict Divorce Coach, Certified Co-Parenting Specialist, Somatic Trauma Therapist, Neuro-Somatic Intelligence Coach
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About my Practice

As a trauma-informed Divorce-, Co-Parenting Coach and Nervous System Expert, I specialize in guiding my clients through high-conflict divorce or complex custody cases. I also provide support to those emerging from prolonged periods of relational stress, helping them navigate feelings of anxiety, burnout, grief, and loss.

My signature methodology, The Recovery Method, involves repatterning the brain and stabilizing the nervous system, promoting optimal stress management and the development of sustainable resilience for each client. A newfound sense of safety, acquired through new frameworks and tools, allows my clients to approach the intricacies of divorce and co-parenting with greater focus and clarity.


  • Have you been contemplating divorce?
  • You want to tell your partner that you want a divorce but are afraid to do so.
  • You want unbiased, professional support and to save on legal fees.
  • No therapy, not even meditation, has been helping with your current stress and anxiety level.
  • You want to tell your kids, but aren’t sure how.
  • You are worried co-parenting is going to become a nightmare with your ex.
  • You feel so overwhelmed that it is almost impossible for you to focus on what needs to be done.
  • You have heard all the horror stories and want to make the right choices for your future life.


Have more confidence:
As you learn to regulate your nervous system, you will be able to approach your stressful divorce with more clarity. You will be able to increase your capacity for resilience during your transition and beyond.

Communicate better:
You will become a master in BIFF (Brief, Informative, Friendly and Firm) – the key to communicating with a high-conflict ex-spouse. Your confidence will grow, and you will get less triggered once you understand you cannot change their behavior.

Save money on legal fees:
You will have saved money by working with me on concepts, ideas, and emotional support and by brainstorming options for mediation and beyond. From financials to co-parenting plans to new work opportunities – I am here for you!

Co-Parent with confidence:
Learn how children are affected by divorce and how to talk to them during the time of a split and beyond. There is no right age to get divorced, but there is a right way to involve your children in the divorce process.

Have a divorce team ready:
Have an advocate walking alongside with you while you are going through the process, someone who has a network of vetted resources in the divorce and co-parenting space.

Not just survive but thrive:
You will be able to walk this transformative journey with clarity, turning challenges into opportunities for growth. You will feel empowered to rediscover your strength and resilience.

You are not alone.


Services I Offer


• You are unsure about leaving, feel stuck in your relationship, or have considered divorce.
• You are worried about how to tell your spouse that you want a divorce.
• You are looking for support from the initial shock of a split, the turmoil, the grief, and the rollercoaster of emotions.
• You want help finding the right lawyer, figuring out a financial plan, building your parenting plan, etc.
• You want help for an upcoming mediation.
• You want to look ahead: gain new perspective, take back control and learn to be your authentic self.

If any of the above sounds familiar or you have any questions about Divorce Coaching, please reach out and I am happy to answer any questions.

• You are considering a divorce but aren’t sure how to tell your children.
• You are worried about telling your kids and how it will affect them.
• You and your partner can’t agree on how to tell your kids.
• Your ex-partner is not sticking to the parenting plan.
• Your ex-partner is manipulating the children into not wanting to see you.
• You need help learning how to stand your ground and communicating effectively with your difficult ex.

If any of the above sounds familiar or you have any questions about Co-Parenting, please reach out and I am happy to answer any questions.

In these sessions we explore the mind/body connection so that you can imagine a life without anxiety, stress, and burnout, a life full of safety, trust, and confidence. You will learn how to befriend your own nervous system to regain emotional balance, and will find deep relaxation, connection, and relief by working through built up tension and unprocessed emotions. We’ll be applying gentle Yoga, Pilates and breathing practices and will learn Neuro-Somatic tools and drills during our sessions for a full embodied experience.

If you have any questions about Nervous System Coaching, please reach out and I am happy to answer any questions.







• Certified CDC Divorce Coach ®
• Certified CDC Transition and Recovery Coach ®
• Certified High-Conflict Divorce Coach
• Certified Co-Parenting Specialist
• Certified Somatic Trauma Therapist
• Certified Neuro-Somatic Coach
• Certified Pilates Instructor
• Certified Yoga Instructor

Background Experience

Hi, I am Viviane.

I am no stranger to anxiety, burnout, trauma, divorce … and everything in between.

For many years I dealt with the hidden complexities of anxiety, chronic illness, and burnout: from sexual violence to two divorces, a parental suicide and chronic migraines. I made it my mission to hold space for my clients in a trauma-informed environment and to guide them through the overwhelming emotions of grief and loss towards healing and resilience.

My experience ranges from High-Conflict Divorce and Co-Parenting coaching to Somatic Trauma Therapy. I blend the principles of Polyvagal Theory with the latest Neuroscience. As an expert in Neuro-Somatic Intelligence, with years of Pilates and Yoga experience, I will support you during this journey in the search of your embodied self – even in the toughest times.



“I always look forward to my sessions with Viviane. She has helped me through co-parenting issues all the way through my mediation and divorce. She was a life saver, and I don’t know what I would have done without her support.”

“Viviane gives me space to be vulnerable. Her calming techniques helped me stay grounded through the last couple of stressful weeks. It’s been so great having her in my corner.”

“Viviane helped direct me during my turbulent divorce. She was, and still is a trusted coach and resource. It’s been over two years since the end of my marriage, and I still talk with her when I run into co-parenting issues with my former spouse. She helps to bring perspective and balance to the situation so I can make the best choices and decisions. I know she truly cares to see things resolved with the least amount of upheaval, and she works for the healthiest outcome. I value Viviane personally and professionally.”

“Viviane is such an empathetic and warm thinking partner. She created a safe space for me to unload, yet helped me move along with great questions and insights. Her skills as a coach helped me focus in a positive manner and with a best self-practice in mind. Bravo, Viviane, for making me excited about my future!”

“I can’t thank Viviane enough for keeping me looking ahead during this turbulent time. I would highly recommend working with her.”

“Viviane helps to bring perspective and balance to the situation so I can make the best choices and decisions. I know she truly cares to see things resolved with the least amount of upheaval, and she works for the healthiest outcome.”


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