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I was a very busy Family Physician in Alberta (Canada) till my retirement in 2020 and divorced my wife two years earlier.

As a Divorce Coach, I specialize in working with busy health professionals who are concerned as to their ability to continue working efficiently through a divorce, want to preserve relationship with their children, wish to avoid making divorce mistakes, and want to reach their divorce goals. I guide my clients so that they can pass through their divorce with confidence, in organized and time-efficient manner, and emerge after a divorce at their best self.

My approach to divorce coaching starts with helping my clients to understand their relationship with their partner and its dynamics.  Finding where one is on their relationship trajectory is critical.  Health professionals, being extremely busy, are likely to be overworked, balance on a verge of a burnout, and live under chronic stress, and they rely a lot on their spouse’s support at home. The level of support being received at home by a health professional and a level of understanding what support is needed by each spouse in this relationship, are of paramount importance to the relationship success.  Sometimes leaving a relationship seems to be the right thing to do as the relationship “does not work”. Coaching modalities on self-care and relationships, possibly later enhanced later by marital counselling, could put premature thoughts about a divorce to rest for good!  Indeed, a change in workload, developing an effective stress management routine including exercise(!), regaining work-life balance, and introducing new elements into a relationship between a health professional and the spouse, are the appropriate modalities that allow a nurse or a doctor to regain control of their life and relationship. Such simple techniques like improving a communication between the partners, addressing the needs of the other partner, becoming emotionally available to the spouse, intentional  “slowing down” tempo of life, all make a tremendous positive impact. It happened to me. Only after retiring, I found what was a true cause of my marital issue, and I reunited with my ex-spouse. I was fortunate to pursue this path of relationship restoration.

Many relationships though are beyond repair, they can be toxic, destructive to children watching parents in their silent or loud constant marital battle, and people need to move on towards their new life. That is, for those health professionals, who – on a relationship trajectory – are beyond of point of no return, divorce is still a way to go. They will be supported with my full attention, and my coaching will focus on helping them to divorce confidently and in a time-efficient manner. They will be provided with tools and strategies to apply in their divorce, develop news skills to confidently address their matters and be given opportunities to practice them.

Being a physician, I appreciate not only the work environment but also the peculiarities of family life of health professionals. Thus, I support my clients to reach their divorce goals. Divorce is a tough process, but it does not need to be ugly for any party involved. As taking a high road in divorce saves time and money, and results in less damages (couples divorce but families continue), I am a proponent of amicable divorce if only possible.

Please contact me at paul@hhhwcoaching.com (or call 250-737-3028) to schedule a complimentary consultation and confidentially discus how I can help you.

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Background Experience

Working with patients in my family practice, I appreciated impacts that a separation and divorce exerts on the families.  Especially the children and a spouse of a bread winner were severely affected, both by conflict in family and the family unit heading towards the uncharted waters of the unknown future. Over the years, I supported many of these families helping them to get through this rough patch so either got back together or, much more commonly, divorced. Providing emotional counseling, relieving stress, and managing the health of my patients, made me a part of their divorce team. I got a unique perspective on divorce impact of couples and families going through an amicable divorce or a “high conflict divorce” and anything in-between. Strangely, there was a whole population of patients who were stuck in their loveless marriages, but they did not move on with their lives, though they were literally poised to describe their unhappy life they chose to continue. Surprisingly, at the end of their visits, they also were able to come with a justification why they stay where they are.  A fear that children “take a divorce wrong” and “will get into trouble with the law or quit the school” or  “financial uncertainty of being  on their own” were the most common explanations given. How much negative impact on life of their children a continuation of such a marriage might have is unknown as my prompt for accepting marital counseling or a referral to pediatric psychologists did not landed well. No profession is immune to marital problems.  Divorces of my physicians’ colleagues also got noticed on my “divorce radar” along with observation how much struggle they had to meet the expectations of others to deliver impeccable service to their patients in spite of pressure of a divorce. This gave me a perspective on professionals going through the divorce, their divorce goals and importance of preserving relationship with children.

My own amicable divorce while I was working in primary care induced my interest in coaching, work-life balance, several aspects of relationship coaching and prompted me to pursue career in wellness and divorce coaching. After re-uniting with my spouse, I identified that people contemplating a divorce need to truly undergo ‘soul searching’ before deciding to go for a divorce.  My sincere wish for you is to coach you as a Relationship Restorer but if you decide that this path is not for you, I will strive to help you get to “to the other side” in an amicable manner if only possible and help you to be at best self!  I believe that divorce does not need to be ugly and there are many ways to be fair and have the best divorce experience.

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