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Why Your First Call Should Be to a Divorce Coach.

How a new kind of professional can transform the divorce process.

By Storey Jones, Founder & CEO at dtour.life

4 Good Strategies to Enjoy Valentine’s Day while Single

4 Good Strategies to Enjoy Valentine’s Day while Single

Click here to find a Divorce Coach Article by: Pam Mirehouse Social connection is a basic human need. We all need to feel love, acceptance and belonging to live a happy and healthy life. When one of our main social connections is severed, it can be devastating. The...

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Divorce And The New Year

Divorce And The New Year

Click here to find a Divorce Coach Article by: Jolisa Webb Chin up Beautiful! The new year is full of new beginnings. If you're starting this new year navigating through divorce and trying to find your new normal, you aren't alone. There are some exquisite things that...

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Filing for divorce was the hardest thing I ever did and often left me feeling alone. After initially speaking with Sharri, immediately I felt like I wasn’t by myself anymore.

K.S., Mother of four.

My coach provided me with tools and strategies to use when I felt overwhelmed or anxious in absence of communicating from the mother of my infant daughter.

A.S., Father of one.

At a recent family event, there was no animosity or harsh exchanges from anyone – something that I did not think could have happened before using Sharri’s services

Josh, Father of two boys