Strategies and Tips from a Divorce Coach: A Roadmap to Move Forward

By: Jennifer Warren Medwin

Going through a divorce is a uniquely challenging experience. Certified Divorce Coach Jennifer Warren Medwin’s new self-help book can make this crossroad more manageable. Whether you’re considering divorce, ready to start the process, or simply do not know where else to turn, Strategies and Tips from a Divorce Coach: A Roadmap to Move Forward will help you take back your power and move forward confidently while saving time, money, and emotional fatigue.

With years of experience as a Certified Divorce Coach and her own firsthand experience going through divorce, Medwin channels all her insight, empathy, and education into a comprehensive guide that is simultaneously comforting, illuminating, and empowering. Strategies and Tips from a Divorce Coach: A Roadmap to Move Forward puts the tools you need right into your hands: informative checklists, practical tips and strategies, clear and direct steps for moving forward, solution-based plans of action, and more. At the same time, the book provides chapters of self-help advice to support and acknowledge the mental and emotional difficulties you experience before, during, or after the dissolution of marriage. Whatever your next step forward is in the divorce process, this book will help you make educated and practical choices.

“As a Certified Divorce Coach and someone who has personally gone through a divorce, I understand how challenging it can be to advocate for yourself while experiencing the mental and emotional toll of a separation. I wrote this book to take the guesswork out of this difficult time and to help individuals make clear, well-informed decisions while also saving time and money,” Medwin said.

Strategies and Tips from a Divorce Coach: A Roadmap to Move Forward comes highly lauded by divorce professionals and satisfied clients alike. “As a Certified Divorce Coach, Certified Marital Mediator, and Supreme Court of Florida Family Mediator in addition to going through the divorce process herself, Jennifer’s book is exactly the type of resource that you need once you start thinking about ending your marriage. The advice and tips she offers her readers are practical and truly help them move through the process in a more constructive and healthy way. “I cannot recommend this book enough—if you are starting the divorce process, this book will help you every step of the way!” said Sonia Queralt, Esq., and Co-Founder of Divorceify.

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Jennifer Warren Medwin, MS is a CDC® Certified Divorce Coach, Supreme Court of Florida Family Mediator, and a Certified Marital Mediator. Her private practice in Pinecrest, Miami is called Seeking Empowerment: Clarity through Partnership.

Jennifer specializes in working alongside individuals and couples who are contemplating divorce and are fearful of high conflict and with those who hope to save their marriages. She partners with clients to develop the clarity, confidence, courage, conflict management strategies, and communication skills they need to move through the process. Jennifer uses her knowledge of coaching and mediation to help her clients emotionally prepare for the dissolution of their marriages or the reconciliation of their relationships in the most organized, time efficient, and productive manner.

Additionally, Jennifer is a member of the National Association of Divorce Professionals (NADP), a member of the SupportPay Advisory Council, and a contributing writer for Your Tango, Thrive Global, and OurFamilyWizard. Her approach to divorce coaching and mediation is one that provides clients with guidance and compassion through a difficult time in their lives.

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