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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®Your thinking partner to help you find your own best answers, create your best divorce team, and to make the best possible decisions for your future!

Here’s where a Divorce Coach can make a difference

Praise for:

Sharri Freedman, Your Divorce Coach

Potomac Coaching, LLC
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, Attorney, Mediator, Collaborative Divorce Professional

My ex-wife and I did not communicate well while we were married, and the communication after the divorce was underway only continued to deteriorate. All communication channels exercised ended up with one if not both of us being frustrated and shutting down. Sharri gave me strategies for engaging with my ex-wife, focusing on my time with my kids, and managing my emotions so that I could be mindful and proud of my interactions.

Before working with Sharri, all communication with my ex ended in a fight and little, if anything, accomplished. It seemed that my kids were picking up on not just the tension between their parents but also the anger, and Sharri helped me find a way to help separate the kids from my interactions with their mother. Without this separation, I think that the kids would have continued to feel torn and alone, not connecting to either parent fully.

J.H. Dad of 2

I cannot recommend my divorce coach, Sharri, enough. I wish I had found her right when I started the divorce process. She is so good at helping me gain perspective, set goals, manage co-parenting and communication with my STBX. She really got me through the last few months of financial negotiation when I was ready to throw in the towel. 
C.M. (mom of 3)

At a recent family event, there was no animosity or harsh exchanges from anyone – something that I did not think could have happened before using Sharri’s services. Since that time, my ex and I have been able to work through disentangling some real estate issues that we couldn’t resolve in four mediations prior to the divorce.
Josh (dad to 2 boys)

Praise for:

Cherie Morris

CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

In what was a very difficult period of my life, full of emotions, uncertainty, and feeling overwhelmed, , Cherie was a voice of reason , helping to dispel my feeling buffeted. Her even-keel stance, guiding, illuminating, not influencing, helped me see where I was in my own process–the best kind of coaching. She also was able to deal with us as a couple, an incredibly powerful part of the process of understanding what we needed to do. She was full of resources, handing out important contacts as well,that I had confidence in.. Always at the ready, with a mature and experienced outlook, I can’t imagine having navigated my divorce without her.

I have spent over $130,000 over the last few years fighting for custody of my seven year old daughter. Outside of Cherie, I have had a horrible experience with every legal expert or attorney that I have dealt with along the way. Cherie is unbelievable smart and tactically in her advising. She is fair in her billing and incredibly punctual / vested in her clients. I would recommend her to anyone going through a divorce. Hire Cherie before hiring any attorney or other legal expert.

Cherie provided expert assistance in facilitating communication post-divorce. She understands high-conflict personalities and has respect for the law. I only have praise; Cherie is honest, positive, empathetic, confident, encouraging and responsive.

Cherie speaks from the heart and intellect about how to manage marital issues, including separation and divorce. She has a dynamic yet calm presence that reassures her clients, who often are facing the most difficult times in their lives. Her advice is spot-on and informed by a well-respected career in divorce support. She replies to her clients rapidly–in real time, via text, if needed. She also returns calls and emails very promptly. I highly recommend her and her business.

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