The Blended Family Q&A

By: Jessica Ashley

Spark conversation and connection with 400 thoughtful questions for blended families

Asking thought-provoking questions can help blended families bond and get to know each other better. No matter what kind of blended arrangement you have, this book will inspire you and your family to share thoughts and experiences with each other through fun, lighthearted questions and deeper, more reflective prompts.

What sets this blended family book apart:

  • A range of topics—Discover an engaging mix of questions that covers everything from your favorite things and fondest memories to your personal values and dreams for the future.
  • Questions for everyone—Explore open-ended prompts that are relevant to and appropriate for the entire family, including younger kids and older teens.
  • A flexible format—Enjoy this book however you like, whether you want to answer one question a day or make a fun game out of answering 10 or 15 during a car ride.


Grow closer as a blended family—one question and response at a time.


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Jessica Ashley is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, Single Mom Coach, and Content Coach

“I guide moms to and through divorce with grace, creativity and laughter (and sometimes, a dose of cussing). Are you considering leaving a relationship or wondering what to do once it’s all finalized? Don’t know you are anymore or desperately need a self-care boost? Ready to get back to being the amazing mom and woman you are? I’m your best lady-friend and champion through the whole process. I give you the attentive one-on-one support, routines, soothing rituals, thought exercises and critical questions you need to thrive through divorce (and way beyond) to a happier, healthier, bigger life.”


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