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Article by: Neepa Padia

Are you an Immigrant/Expat? Do you face additional Challenges during Divorce?

Getting yourself Educated and Informed about these pointers on time could be very helpful.

Where should I file for Divorce – here in my current Location or in my Home country?

Checking on the pointers below may help you make informed decisions.

  • Legal requirements for divorce in the country where you got married?
  • What is the preference of your Spouse?
  • Did you evaluate divorce rules in both the countries to determine what Works Best for you?
  • Do you consider staying in the current country or return to your home country?
  • Do you require a Support System during this time?

Most important:

Do you consult with Lawyers/ Attorneys in both countries to gain clarity about it?

I am on Dependent Spouse Visa. How can I Remain in this Country Post-Divorce?

Educating yourself with below pointers may help you take required action.

  • What are the Potential Immigration and Dependent Spouse Visa Related Challenges?
  • Do you have Legal Options and Alternatives for Visa to Stay back Securely:
  • Do you require Guidance from Immigration experts?:
  • Can your Spouse support you on this matter?

Can I Relocate back to Home Country with my Citizen Child/ren?

Being mindful of below pointers may help avoid undesirable consequences.

  • What is in the Best Interest of your Kid/s overall including co-parenting relationship?
  • What is mentioned in your Child Custody Agreement?
  • What is the preference of the other Co-parent?
  • Are there any International Rules being overlooked?

How the Marital Property Situated Outside is Distributed?

Knowing below pointers may help you get fair equitable share.

  • Asset Identification: What Type of Property and Where is it Located?
  • Advice & Support: Who can you Look for Help?
  • Negotiation and settlement: What is the Alternative Compensation Possible?
  • Assessment: Are there any Complications involved?

The Divorce Coach serves as your facilitator, offering support and guidance on all the aforementioned points, and acts as your one-stop solution to connect you with suitable experts and take required actions.




Neepa Padia – CDC Certified Divorce Coach

Drawing from her challenging divorce journey, she guides others & immigrants with logical steps and tools towards a brighter future. Her experiences have shaped her into a compassionate and nonjudgmental coach, offering support at each step to ensure that you are not alone.


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