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Article by: Jenine Powell

1) You’re stronger than you ever thought.

Divorce is a traumatic event. After the death of a loved one, divorce is ranked as the second most stressful life event one can encounter. There are daily struggles every step of the way. From the actions, decisions and circumstances that led to the divorce, to the actual divorce proceedings, to establishing a new norm post-divorce— it’s a long bumpy road with lots of sharp curves. You may continue to have meltdowns, but you also continue to get back up. You prove your strength every day. Keep going!

2) You’re the best advocate for yourself and your kids.

You no longer have a partner to back you up. You realize that you are the most powerful voice for yourself and your children. So you speak up and stand up for what’s in your best interest and theirs.



3) You actually can go out alone.

At first, you may have been afraid, hesitant or too self-conscious to do things alone. Transitioning from being a part of a couple to being solo is a big adjustment. As time goes by, a table for one, a ticket for one or an invite for one becomes less and less awkward. You begin to realize you alone are enough.

4) You can be sad and happy at the same time.

One minute you are rejoicing about being officially done with your ex -spouse, the next minute you’re mourning the life you once had. You’re happy. You’re sad. You’re happy. You’re sad. Happiness and sadness, anger and relief, love and hate, outrage and calm, confidence and uncertainty, despair and hope— you fluctuate between a swarm of opposing emotions. And that’s ok!! It’s all part of the healing process.

5) You’re a survivor.

You’re still here, right? You are going to make it!




Jenine Marie Powell, CDC®

My name is Jenine Marie Powell. As a certified divorce coach, I specialize in providing help and hope to women whose lives have been turned upside down as a result of their divorce. I help them regain their sanity and redefine their identity so they can feel in control, confident and capable of managing their lives and moving forward.

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