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Article by: Jenine Powell

Going through a divorce can be devastating, so it’s totally normal to experience bouts of sadness. But if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, here are some ideas for picking yourself up.

1) Reflect on Past Successes.

Think of all the other times in your life when you have had success. Reflect on all your accomplishments- a promotion, a raise, the completion of a project, recognition for a good deed, a new job, a personal best running time, a hike up a mountain, an achieved goal, or anytime in your life when you have had to overcome an obstacle. In addition, acknowledge your success as a mother, a friend, a co-worker and all the other important roles you play. What did you do to be successful in the past? Conjure up those same skills and that same mindset to be successful now and in your future. You have the power to turn your divorce into a success story too.

2) Help Others.

Altruistic ventures shift our attention away from ourselves onto others. When we help others in need, it can also put our own problems in perspective. So get out of your own head and reach out to community organizations or your local parish to engage in some fulfilling volunteer activities. You will be so happy you did! And so will the people you’ve helped.



3) Do Something Productive.

Dedicate yourself to completing something—anything! Sometimes we get stuck in a rut when we are feeling overwhelmed and powerless. Instead of shutting down, now is the time to make a dent in some of the things that are taking up space on your seemingly endless to-do list. Make that phone call you’ve been dreading. Clean out that junk draw once and for all. Go through last week’s mail. Change the broken lightbulb. Schedule that appointment you’ve been putting off. Crossing some of these pesky things off your to-do list will provide you with a sense of accomplishment that will push you back in motion.

4) Stretch Your Comfort Zone.

Do something completely out of the ordinary. Face a fear. Accept a challenge. Be bold. Be courageous. Step out of your comfort zone and land somewhere new. Break free of your self-imposed limitations and open the door to an exciting realm of possibilities. Go!

5) Allow Yourself to Have Fun.

Take a break and allow yourself to just enjoy some plain good old fashion fun. Act like a kid. Be silly. Be curious. Laugh. Throw a party. Plan a mom’s night out. Re-visit some of the things you used to enjoy doing—painting, baking, singing, dancing, gardening—whatever makes you feel alive!



Jenine Marie Powell, CDC®

My name is Jenine Marie Powell. As a certified divorce coach, I specialize in providing help and hope to women whose lives have been turned upside down as a result of their divorce. I help them regain their sanity and redefine their identity so they can feel in control, confident and capable of managing their lives and moving forward.

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