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Article by: Jolisa Webb

Chin up Beautiful!

The new year is full of new beginnings. If you’re starting this new year navigating through divorce and trying to find your new normal, you aren’t alone. There are some exquisite things that you can learn through this tough time. As you jump into 2021, I have a few thoughts about things you can do to help you keep moving forward with grace and authenticity. Why not;

Reinvent Yourself

This is a wonderful time to remember who you are and what makes you special. Since you may no longer be a part of a team for a reason, remember who you were before you got married. Your destiny still awaits you, and as you reflect, also think about what you truly want to come next and think big! This the time to not only reinvent yourself, but reflect on the person you want to be in the future. Relish the opportunity to reinvent yourself based on all you’ve learned to become the best version of yours truly. You are still the prize and the sky there is no limit to what you can do in this new chapter. Be someone that you love., and shine on like the diamond you are.

Let Go

Now is also a good time to let go of the pain and anger forgive your ex and forgive yourself, While grieving the end of your marriage can be a normal part of the process, of grieving the relationship,If you hold on too long, you will likely be holding yourself back as well. Exhale beautiful and let it go.

Give Yourself Hope

If you’ve been drowning in pain and self pity, let yourself have hope for the future. You have a bright, new chapter ahead of you. It’s filled with hope and happiness. Think about the excitement that could be ahead in your life. Fill your mind with ideas of hope for laughter and happiness flowing through your body again. You won’t always feel as stressed and sad as you did through the divorce. Hope is a shining light.






Be Grateful

Gratitude is often a tough thing when it comes to divorce. How can you be thankful that your marriage didn’t work out? Be grateful for the lessons you learned. You fell in love. You shared part of your life with someone. Be grateful for the good times. It didn’t work, but that doesn’t mean it was all worth nothing. Move ahead with gratitude taking the lessons learned with you as you go into the next year.

Find Peace

Find something that gives you peace in the chaos. Whether you love to workout, meditate or knit sweaters, do something that gives you a calm feeling. Find little pieces of peace in everyday life. Don’t take anything in life for granted. This new year is full of uncharted days where you’re allowed and able to find the things to fill those days with peace and happiness.

Divorce can easily be one of the toughest things in life for many people. In this new year, you can find yourself again. The journey might be different and it might not always be easy, but you will learn to make it on your own. You will learn

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Carl Jung





Jolisa Webb, CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

Divorce Coach Confidante

Jolisa Webb is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach ®, and the owner of Beauty in the Midst, LLC, a Women and Veteran-owned small business coaching, consulting company headquartered in Fort Washington, MD



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