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I am a seasoned Divorce Coach that specializes in working with women and men caught off guard by divorce. I help them feel confident, find a sense of security and be happy again.

Holding onto the idea that life didn’t turn as we expected is the biggest reason we remain rooted in our pain. As a Divorce Coach, I help others move from a place of pain to a place of purpose and fulfillment.

When it comes to divorce, you have a choice, either “get bitter” or “get better.” I help you get better.

Are you ready?


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I focus on the emotional recovery of YOU. We spend substantial amounts of time, money and energy on the legality of divorce, but how many of us invest in our emotional health?

I help you navigate the divorce process without falling into the common emotional pitfalls. As a result, I minimize the “overwhelm” of divorce by helping with:

• Emotional support

• Mental preparation for the business of divorce

• Shift in mindset

• Devising a plan of action

• Reaching clarity

As a result, my clients feel confident that they are making wise, informed decisions regarding their divorce. I guide you from married to “happily” divorced. Your marriage may be over, but your life is not.


Certified Divorce Coach through CDC Certified Divorce Coaching

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Background Experience

India graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Mercer University. She is a Certified Divorce Coach through the CDC Divorce Coach© Intensive program. India is a Life Coach through LeaderBreakthru Coaching. Besides running her coaching practice, India facilitates DivorceCare, a divorce support group in La Jolla, Ca. She also authored the book, “Surviving the Unwanted Divorce.” Prior to coaching, India was the owner of FaithfulWarrior Yoga and was a Vinyasa yoga instructor for eight years.

India helped change my life and my view of the future. I was struggling with creating balance, clarity and focus after my divorce. India helped me identify areas in my life that were holding me back. We established what was important for my future happiness. I feel stronger and more confident than I ever have. Thank you, India for all your experience and direction. With sincere gratitude, Becky

India is a skilled divorce professional who is always up on the latest updates and news. I intentionally look for her latest podcast and posts to make sure I’m on the cutting edge of all things in divorce. I cannot recommend India more faithfully or completely to anyone entering, going through or coming out of divorce. She is a true leader in the divorce coaching and education field! ~ Scott Levin, Family Law Peacekeeper (Attorney, Mediator, CDFA)

I met India through a Divorce Care Workshop at a local church. Going through the process of divorce was something I never thought I would be doing. India provided access to many useful legal and financial resources. This is making my process more successful and positive. India has been through her own difficult challenges with divorce and has come out on the other side with flying colors! To see this was very encouraging to me. Her attitude is awesome. It’s nice to see someone who has “got it together.” It’s the reward many of us can receive if we work hard to overcome adversity. India was a good choice for me to help me with my journey. Wishing you blessings on your own path! ~L.A.


I wish I would have met India BEFORE I spent $80,000 on a divorce lawyer that took years to resolve the high conflict divorce!!! If you are considering a coach rather than a lawyer– or even in addition to a lawyer, you can trust India to provide a fresh perspective with clear path towards happiness…whatever that road may be (might not even be a divorce). ~ Nicole Rawson, Owner at Screen Time Clinic
India is an inspiration, her knowledge and ability to help others get through a life transition is amazing! I highly recommend her to not only to those going through a divorce but those going through any tough life event, her coaching and education can help you move in a positive direction. ~ Daniel Alcas, Chief Executive of Fully Promoted and TEAM Referral Network member.
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