Podcast by: Steve Schleupner

CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, Steve Schleupner, is interviewed by 1,000 Espressos in this podcast on the topic of “Vision”.

During the interview, Steve Schleupner, a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® who works mainly with men through divorce and onto recovery discusses his insight into Vision and Divorce.

“Habits have to work within the concentric circle of vision,” suggests Steve. “Vision without actionable, supportive habits is simply hope,” possibly without realization.

In this podcast we discuss ways of knowing your vision is the “right” one for your life and how to go about making your vision a practice that becomes part of your daily reality.



Steve Schleupner, Certified Divorce Coach®

My work centers on helping men through the divorce process and on to a new enriching life. Divorce is one of the most complex and difficult life transitions one can face. It is something that lasts well beyond the date the judge stamps your divorce decree final. Divorce impacts one’s health, finances, family/children relationships, emotions, and faith that all is well. However, within all of these complexities, and under all the pain, lies an opportunity for personal growth.

My work helps men realize the interconnected implications of divorce as they ripple through his “5-F’s” – Family, Fitness, Fervor, Finances, and Faith. Our work gives him the awareness to let go of habits and behaviors that do not serve him, as well as gives him tools and techniques that enable him to be his “best-self”. In the end, he has a plan to embrace the work ahead, and can move his life forward on his terms with confidence.


CDC Certified Divorce Coach ® Directory Listing –  https://divorcesupporthelp.com/find-a-divorce-coach/listing/steve-schleupner/

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