Podcast by: Andrea Hipps

CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, Andrea Hipps, is interviewed in this podcast by KarmelaCosmetics about one of the most stressful situations that occur after divorce – when the “other woman” becomes a part of your now extended family.

Andrea Hipps is a licensed social worker as well as a CDC certified divorce coach who, through her future focused approach, helps moms navigate the tricky waters, and often emotional, rollercoaster ride that often accompanies divorce. Andrea’s mission is to revolutionize the way divorce is handled. She wants to put an end to high stress divorce families starting with acknowledging on how the individual is co-creating the problem.

Andrea shares her own story of divorce, being a single mom, and then the rollercoaster of emotions she went through, and women typically go through, when the “other woman “ joins the family. She describes the journey and work it took to get her family to where they are today, a two address families.

I’m so excited for you to hear her story and learn practical tried and true methods for achieving inner fulfillment and happiness, leading to satisfaction and content in challenging situations and relations, regardless of whether the other person is involved in the healing, or just you alone.


Andrea Hipps, Certified Divorce Coach®

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I am a wife, business professional, and mother who has personally lived the frustrating and enormously challenging struggle of surviving divorce while still working, raising kids, and participating in community life.

In my practice, I offer you vital tools to help you through your process of BREAKING – living with the pain, overwhelm, insecurity, and fear – as well as the strategies you need to embark on your process of REMAKING – handling the legal part of your divorce with greater confidence, tackling the financial elements of your divorce with your future in mind, communicating with everyone more clearly, working toward a future family and future self that make you swell with gratitude, and even embracing hope.

Divorce is a series of incredibly important decisions made at a time when you feel most spent. I love my work as your thinking partner, champion, and guide as you navigate this crisis. Where the divorce process overwhelms and clouds the mind, divorce coaching is our carved out time to gather yourself emotionally, assess your situation, figure out what you want, and start to wrap your arms and heart around what is required of you next.

My background is in the helping profession, having worked at local, state, and non-profit organizations to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in our community. I love hiking, walking, desert driving with my husband, hanging out with my kids, and helping my clients through their own BREAKING AND REMAKING.


CDC Certified Divorce Coach ® Directory Listing –  https://divorcesupporthelp.com/find-a-divorce-coach/listing/andrea-hipps-divorce-coach/

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