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Article by: Pegotty Cooper

There is a common belief that more people file for divorce during the holidays than any other time during the year, but is it true? Statistically the answer is no, however the holidays do have a significant role to play.

The largest number of divorce filings occur during January, followed closely by July and August. There are a myriad of reasons for the popularity of January for filing for divorce including, but not limited to:


1. It makes the most sense for tax filing

2. Couples stay together in order not to ruin the holidays for their children/family

3. Couples may be using the holidays as one last effort to keep the marriage together or make things work

4. The stress from the holidays exacerbates an already existing problem within the marriage.

5. A large number of attorneys are out of the office due to the holidays (or not taking on new cases) so people have to wait until January to begin the process


The July/August filings tend to be from those with children, trying to make the change right after summer vacation but before school starts if they’re considering relocating.

But what does this mean for you, if you are considering filing for divorce? Absolutely nothing. The fact is, there is no “good” time for divorce. Divorce is stressful, and it’s likely going to be painful no matter what month it occurs in.

One way to lessen the stress and the emotional impact of the divorce process on not only you, but your children/family (if applicable) is to hire a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® before you ever start the divorce proceedings. A divorce coach is not a substitute for an attorney and cannot offer you legal advice, but a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® can help you manage the emotional turmoil that will inevitably arise and help you move forward through the divorce process in the best possible way.

Pegotty Cooper, CDC®

I am your thinking partner.

We walk down the path together to see how we can make it all happen in the way that best serves the needs of you and your family.

  • Feeling alone and sometimes overwhelmed adds a lot of stress to an already stressful situation.
  • I am here to help you find your strengths and be a sounding board for you as you grapple with some challenging decisions.
  • I am in your corner and support you in showing up in the divorce process as a client with a clear vision of what you want and need to move forward to the next chapter; as someone who is heard and participates fully in the important decisions about your future.

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